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Pagecloud allows you to easily integrate your favorite apps into your website. Drag and drop or copy paste just about anything onto your page. Like a YouTube link, tweet, post, image, Google Map, font, song, playlist, buy button and so much more. Need to add an embed, no problem, we have an app for that!

Tip! If the app you want to integrate has an embed option, try copy pasting the embed code onto your page or use our Generic embed app.

Embed platforms

Embed platforms provide a variety of ready-to-use solutions that you can easily add to your Pagecloud website, no coding required.


Pagecloud is great for images and galleries, but there are times when you want something a little extra, content from an app or need some great images.

Tip: Looking for images to add to your website? see our article on places to find great images and icons.


Easily add videos from other apps. Tip: you can copy paste YouTube links onto your page, we’ll do the rest.


Add content from your social media networks and review sites. You can also find apps that will help your visitors share your content on their social networks.


We hear you, add your latest tracks, releases and playlists to your website with ease.


Share your upcoming events, schedules and reservations with your website visitors so they can sign up, participate and dine-in.


Easily add Google Analytics, Tag Manager and more to your website. Before you know it you will have the data you need to make informed decisions as you optimize your website.


Use chat to build relationships with your website visitors and customers. Explore just a few of the options that you can easily add to your website.


Sell products and services on your website.

Pagecloud e-commerce

Market and sell your products and services with Pagecloud e-commerce. Create your online store, delight your customers with beautiful design, and manage your shop as you grow.

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Forms and documents

Pagecloud comes with a powerful drag and drop form builder but we also support adding forms from many other apps to support lead capture, email marketing and more.

Maps and weather

Add maps to your website so your customers can easily find you, provide geographical context to an article you are writing, and even plan a trip.


Add some animation to your pages, here are some libraries to help you.


The right font makes all the difference, you can add from 1000s of custom fonts from Google and Adobe.


Build your subscriber base by adding your podcasts to your website. Let your visitors subscribe, listen and enjoy your podcasts on your website.


Accept donations on your website.

3D Tours

Include 3d virtual tours on your website.

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