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Create a custom website and start growing online.

Build a high performing website for your small business and start growing with easy-to-use built in analytics and marketing tools.

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Composition of elements of the Pagecloud  showing editing, adding images and video, link-in-bio page, custom forms, analytics and AI features.

Reach new customers and grow your sales

Ensure your customers can find you online and never miss an opportunity for more business.

Publish a custom website and online store in no time.

Easily launch your website with professional templates, drag-and-drop editing, design features, and help from AI.

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Increase your website traffic and get more leads

Get found in search with built in SEO tools, and never miss a lead with custom contact forms.

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Track your metrics and improve your performance

Built in analytics and event tracking tools make it easy to understand your successes and what you can improve.

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You can do more for your business...

You can do it yourself with no-code and no hassle!

Illustration showing an section being added to a website.

Custom websites

With professional templates, you can launch a custom website without code.

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Manage an online store

Quickly create landing pages for your marketing campaigns. Optimize and track your performance.

A prompt from Pagecloud AI asking how they can help.

AI powered content

Powered by Chat-GPT, you can write optimized web content to increase organic traffic.

An illustration of an analytics graph showing current visits compared to previous visit.

Built in analytics

Understand your audience demographics and website performance.

An illustration of a popup banner with a product and a form.

Pop ups and banners (coming soon)

Quickly create custom pop ups and banners that help convert your visitors into customers.

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Publish optimized blog posts to target keywords and increase organic traffic.

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Build custom forms to capture qualified leads. Link to your email marketing system.

An illustration of many different app icons including Facebook, Eventbrite, Google Analytics, X, Spotify, Pinterest, Mailchimp, Shopify, Instagram and more.

Embed your apps

Copy and paste app embed codes onto your page including video, social media, and commerce.

An illustration of a of images being added to an image gallery.

Image galleries

Easily create beautiful image galleries in different styles.

Add your team for a seamless experience

Add team members to help design, track, and optimize your projects and campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get started with Pagecloud?

    You can get started for free with Pagecloud, no credit card or trial required! Set up an account and start creating right away.

  • How do I create an online store?

    You can add a store to your website through your e-commerce dashboard in your account. Start adding products and styling your store in your editor! Select a subscription when you're ready to publish.

  • How do I use Pagecloud Analytics?

    Pagecloud Analytics starts working as soon as you publish your website! You can start tracking your visitors and top pages without having to add anything to your website. Pagecloud Analytics is also GDPR compliant and keeps your users' data safe.

  • Can I get help with my website?

    You can hire a Pagecloud pro to help with the design and development of your website. Check out our Hire a Pro program!

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With Pagecloud, you can get online with a custom website in seconds and start to analyze your growth. No trial, no credit card required.

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