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Pagecloud analytics gives you the power to understand your users, and optimize your site for better UX and higher conversions.

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A collage of analytics views including total visitors, page views, duration, campaigns, events and more.
A collage of analytics views including total visitors, page views, duration, campaigns, events and more.

Real data to influence your growth

Understand your metrics and make informed decisions for your marketing strategies, all while keeping user data safe.

Know your users and improve their experience

Understand your audience for better UX. Know where they are coming from and what devices they are using.

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Make the right decisions for your marketing strategies

Decide how you should allocate your marketing resources. View your top performing channels and social platforms.

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Keep user data safe and ensure GDPR compliance

Unlike most analytics tools, Pagecloud analytics does not collect any Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

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Easily understand and improve all your metrics

Your analytics dashboard displays all the metrics you need to succeed.

Illustration showing an example domain.

Total visitors

See the total unique visitors to your website for the selected period.

Illustration of a search result being at the top of the list.

Page views

See the total page views by your visitors in the selected period.

Illustration of images being added to a gallery.


View how long your visitors stay on your website before exiting.

Illustration showing many kinds of Pagecloud forms.

Top pages

View your top performing pages and understand where you need more traffic.

Illustration showing lots of apps like Apple Podcasts, Eventbrite, Facebook, Google Analytics, Spotify, YouTube, Pinterest and many more.


Understand how your visitors interact with your site including clicks and form submissions.

Illustration of a product for sale being added to a link in bio page.


View which cities and countries your site visitors are from.

Illustration showing a set of brand colors.

Device type

See which devices your users use to access your website.

Illustration showing a support conversation.


See which channels are bringing users to your website including search, referrer, and social.

Illustration demonstrating a section being added to a page.

Broken links

Update any broken links on your website to ensure your users' don't hit any 404s.

Custom events are coming soon!

Custom events allow you to easily track CTAs, form submissions, and link clicks that are important to your marketing campaigns. Do it right inside the editor.

Achieve your website goals with custom event tracking.

Custom events allow you to easily track CTAs, form submissions, and link clicks that are important to your marketing campaigns. Do it right inside the editor.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get started with Pagecloud Analytics?

    Using Pagecloud Analytics is easy! Just sign up for a Pagecloud account, publish your website, and your site will start collecting data automatically. Access your data through the Analytics tab in your dashboard.

  • Do I need to add tracking codes to my site to use Pagecloud Analytics?

    Pagecloud users do not need to do anything in order to start using Pagecloud Analytics. Once your site is published, data will automatically be collected.

  • Do my site visitors need to consent to Pagecloud Analytics?

    Unlike many analytics tools, Pagecloud Analytics is GDPR compliant and does not collect any PII (Personal Identifiable Information), which means your users do not have to consent to being tracked on your website, and still be sure their data is kept safe.

  • How does Pagecloud Analytics compare to Google Analytics?

    Pagecloud Analytics and Google Analytics track many of the same metrics, however Pagecloud Analytics counts user sessions differently due to our commitment to privacy and GDPR rules.

  • Can I use Pagecloud Analytics on another website?

    Not currently. If this is something you are interested in, please register your interest.


Pagecloud is packed full of helpful features to help your digital presence make an impact.

Website builder ->

Create a custom website without code. Drag-and-drop editing and responsive templates.

E-commerce ->

Sell products and services online with a custom storefront. Track your sales in your dashboard.

Analytics ->

Track your site performance and visitor behavior all while keeping user data safe.

SEO Optimization ->

Get found online with all your SEO tools including built in keyword research by Semrush.

Link in bio ->

Create a link in bio site for your social media bio. Get unlimited buttons and track your clicks.

Apps and integrations ->

Easily integrate with all your favourite apps for video, booking, social media, music, and more.

Coming soon!

A/B Testing ->

Test your content to find out what works! Make adjustments based on your results.

Is your site built outside the Pagecloud platform?

Currently, Pagecloud Analytics is exclusive to Pagecloud websites. But that will change soon! sign up and we'll let you know when analytics will be available for external sites.

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