Every PageCloud object (as well as the page itself) has the ability to contain custom Javascript. You can add your own behaviors, interactions, animations and dynamic data injections from a CMS or database. PageCLoud even links up the object reference for you and provides a stub script with event handlers to get you started. Dragging a JS file from your desktop to your page will upload and link the script automatically!  

If you make a change to a script, drag it in again to replace.

If you paste a <script> tag, it will automatically be added and linked up in the <head> - great for adding hosted libraries from Google CDN, like jQuery or others. PageCloud is a full front-end development environment. Objects can even reference each other and interact!

Feature index

With the world’s smoothest visual editing experience, PageCloud has many unique features that you may not discover during your free trial.

If you don't find something you're looking for, PageCloud gives you the ability to manipulate the source code to do things we don’t offer out of the box.

Take a look below at a more detailed list of what’s included:

PageCloud Elements

PageCloud Headers and Footers allow you to maintain a consistent design across all your pages. Make a change on one page. Watch it replicated across your entire site.

Site-wide navigation, headers, and footers

Dedicated pixel perfect mobile mode

Don't worry about multiple break points and the challenges of responsive websites.

Simply design your desktop/tablet layout with pixel-perfect accuracy, and then completely customize it for mobile phones.

When signed in to PageCloud, you will notice a handy Edit Button when navigating your site. Want to make a change? Click Edit to jump into the WYSIWYG editor. No more abstract back-end logins!

Quick spot edits

Layering, blending, and compositing

PageCloud gives you the ability to create stunning effects by layering images and shapes on top of one another. ‍‍With PageCloud, you get full control of the layer position, opacity, color, and more.

You can create groups with two or more selected objects. Once your content is grouped, it will be treated as a single object for functions like dragging, resizing, or duplicating. Double-click inside any group to edit your sub-layers.

Grouped objects

Locked objects

Use the lock feature on any PageCloud object so it can't be edited or moved out of place. Locking down backgrounds or sections can come in handy when working on a page.

Hide any of the content you don't want your visitors to see. Hiding can be done on mobile or desktop to create a more customized experience.

Hidden objects

Linked objects

PageCloud objects can be linked in multiple ways: links off-site, anchors on-page, or linked scripts. You can even drag in or paste a link onto a PageCloud object by holding SHIFT to instantly create a hyperlink.

Use the Editing Menu or some handy PageCloud shortcuts to quickly align or distribute your content. Evenly spreading out icons, links, or titles has never been faster.

Alignment and distribution

Automatic guides

With PageCloud, you are never restricted to a grid or a rigid template. To help create symmetry, alignment, and balance in your design, PageCloud offers automatic alignment guides that turn on as you move an object around your page. Use the CTRL or CMD shortcut to temporarily turn the guides off during a drag if they get in your way.

With PageCloud, you can rotate any object on your page. This is a simple effect that can create a unique, eye-catching look for your site.

Object rotation

Smart paste

Copy and paste an object, then,‍‍ position it to your desired location. Once this is done, you can paste again to see PageCloud automatically recreate the alignment and spacing of the original objects.

Copy any color code (hex, RGB, HSL, etc.) to your clipboard and paste it onto one or more PageCloud object, including text, shapes, SVGs, and more!

Paste colors

Paste text

Paste text directly from other applications or web pages to create a text object. If the font is recognized, it will even be retained and added to your font selection. Basic rich text formatting will be preserved.

PageCloud automatically creates color swatches from the most-used colors on your page. This helps you design faster and keep your color choices consistent.

Automatic color swatches


Use the Squeegee tool (located on the top of any selected object) to help move your content up or down the page. All content below the Squeegee line will move while preserving relative positioning.

For precision work, use the arrow keys to move selected objects one pixel at a time. Hold down SHIFT to move the object 10 pixels at a time.

Nudging objects

Full-width objects

Extend images, colors, and videos to the edges of your browser window using the full-width toggle in the Editing Menu.

Dragging a file, such as a PDF, onto your page will automatically create a download button that you can style in any way you choose. Replace the file by dropping a new one over the button while holding SHIFT.

Download button

Exact object sizing

You can precisely specify the height and width of one or more objects using the size and position tab found in the Editing Menu.

PageCloud Themes

PageCloud offers a collection of professionally designed themes to help you get started. Unlike rigid templates offered by some website builders, PageCloud Themes can be modified in any way you want!

PageCloud offers full support for SVGs (vector files). This file format loads quickly at any size and can be customized using the Editing Menu.

Styled shapes and SVG icons

PageCloud's text editor has automatic spell checking built in.

Spell checker

Rich text formatting

With PageCloud, you can customize your text in seemingly endless ways: from the basics like font size, bolding, bulleted lists, heading tags, alignment, and indenting to the more refined edits, such as custom fonts, line height, character spacing, font weights, special characters, and raw HTML source.

The Side Panel is loaded with prebuilt elements to help you build faster: icons, buttons, shapes, forms, navigation, and more! Simply drag the elements onto your page and style them in any way you choose.

The web has always struggled with cross-browser layout incompatibilities.

PageCloud takes care of these inconsistencies, so you can be sure what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) on all browsers.

WYSIWYG across all browsers

Don’t worry about making mistakes. Like most desktop apps, undo and redo are always available. You can undo as many times as you need to while still in the same editing session.


Select one or more objects and use the Editing Menu to change colors, borders, shadows, and nearly every other aspect of the objects on your pages.

The Editing Menu

Operating system integrated clipboard

Unlike other website platforms, PageCloud integrates with your clipboard to copy over the most popular file types - even from your desktop apps!

Copy and paste images directly from tools like Photoshop, Keynote, Sketch and more. Web-embeds like YouTube videos, OpenTable reservation widgets, Eventbrite invitations, and over 70 other integrations can be added with a simple copy and paste.

PageCloud is the only browser-based web editor that can match the fluid, visual design experience of desktop publishing. Many of the keyboard shortcuts to resize, mirror, rotate, snap, and clone are the same as those used in tools such as Photoshop, Keynote, and Sketch

The only true drag and drop

The world's best visual web page editor

Advanced page layout tools

Text editing


PageCloud integrates with the entire Google Font library. Simply copy and paste any Google font sample onto your page and PageCloud will automatically add it to your font selection. You can style these fonts in the same way you would any other text.

Google Fonts

Video players

Popular video hosting websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia are all integrated with PageCloud. Just copy and paste (or drag and drop) an embed code or video URL, and a video player will automatically be created for you. You can also drag in or paste your own video files to create an editable player.

You have complete control over any video you add to PageCloud. Autoplay, loop, mute, and hide controls are just a few of the options available in the Editing Menu.

Video controls



Drag in or paste Shopify product or catalog embedded widgets to e-commerce enable your PageCloud site. Maintain full control of your website's design while using Shopify's top-tier e-commerce backend.

Shopify integration

Image crop

While an image is selected, turn on image mode in the Editing Menu to enable cropping. Hold the SHIFT key while on the edges of your image to crop out what you don't want. You can edit the internal position of the image using the dropdown menu.

Make images gently zoom in or out upon page load or scrolling using the Editing Menu. This subtle motion, made popular by Ken Burns, makes your images come alive.

Image zoom

Image metadata

Provide alternative (ALT) text and custom filenames for you images to help with accessibility and SEO.

All images uploaded to PageCloud are automatically resized to load as fast as possible and at the ideal resolution for every device, including retina displays.

Automatic image optimization

Image galleries

When you have a collection of photos you want to show off, select them all and convert them into a light-boxed slideshow or slider gallery. These popular effects can be achieved in a couple clicks using the Editing Menu.

Replacing images

To quickly replace an image, drag in or paste a new image file over your selected image while holding SHIFT. The new image will retain any styling that was previously added, including shadows, cropping, borders, and more!


Apps and integrations