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Everything you need

Pagecloud comes jam-packed with all the features you need to build high-performance websites in record time. With e-commerce, hundreds of integrations, and essential business tools, managing your online presence has never been easier.

Effortless assembly

Give your website the best starting point with a beautiful, fully customizable template. Easily expand your website with pre-designed sections.

Illustration of a Pagecloud theme
Illustration showing several Pagecloud themes.

Professionally designed templates

Pagecloud templates provide you with a great beginning, customize as little or as much as you want!

Illustration demonstrating a section being added to a Pagecloud website.

Expand your website in seconds

Thousands of customizable building blocks for your website. Add, remove, reorder or copy-paste any section to any page.

Illustration of many kinds of design elements that can be added to Pagecloud

Libraries of elements

Styleable elements to help you design faster. Includes stock images, shapes, buttons, icons, forms, navigation, image galleries, and more.

Unmatched visual editing

Bring your vision to life with innovative easy-to-use design features. Drag and drop content including galleries and form builder to create unique layouts with endless customization.

Unmatched visual editing

Bring your vision to life with innovative easy-to-use design features. Drag and drop content including galleries and form builder to create unique layouts with endless customization.

Gallery type

Design it

Drag and drop editing

Design and update your site with drag and drop ease. Drag elements anywhere on and onto your page including images, video, text, forms. No coding required.

Complete styling control

Pagecloud provides you all the controls to make your website look the way you want. Add a border here, a shadow there, unlimited fonts, site-wide colors and more.

Create custom forms

Capture leads with customizable forms. Start with our pre-built forms or build and style your own with the drag and drop form builder.

Design like a pro

Use powerful, easy to use tools like Sections, Columns, Guides, Groups and Auto-groups to layout your page like a professional designer.

Images, video & galleries

Showcase your style with fast loading images, creative galleries and video. Crop, tint and filter your images just the way you want.

Add your favorite apps

Create the best experience for your visitors by embedding content from apps like Google, MailChimp, Instagram, Apple and Spotify.

Build it

Create your design using our easy to use Auto layouts or get extra creative using manual layouts, the choice is yours.

Illustration of an Auto layout

Auto layouts

A modern, structured and responsive way of building that allows you to use padding and alignment to create content that is flexible across different screen sizes.

Illustration of a Manual layout

Manual layouts

Manual layouts let you create complex overlapping designs where you control the exact placement. Not as flexible as Auto but great for the times when you want precision control.

Animate it

Once your design is done easily apply some animations and interactions to take it to the next level.

Animated graphic showing various types of entrance animations.

Entrance animations

Animate in sections, columns and more as your visitors scroll down your page. Slide in, Fade, Scale and Zoom in and out are just a few of the easy to apply animation effects.

An illustration of various animation types like Bounce, Flash, Jiggle, Stretch, Grow, Shake and more.

Attention seeking

Use animations to draw your visitor's attention to specific parts of your website. Trigger a bounce, shake, rotate, flip and more when your visitors click on or hover over your objects.


All the essential features you need to create an online store your customers will love. Simple set-up, easy management, and endless customization.

Set up in just 5 minutes!

Collage of a plant, add to card button and some colors
An illustration of an online store selling plants.

Sell products

Set up your online shop, organize and display your products, and manage your inventory through your store dashboard.  

An illustration of pdf download being sold online.

Services and digital goods

No physical products? Create an online store to sell services or digital goods. Manage customer bookings, PDF downloads, and more.

An illustration of a plant being sold inline through instagram

Reach new customers  

Connect your store to other platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.  

Marketing & SEO

Get found online and build your customer base. Optimize your website for search, integrate marketing tools, and capture your audience with easily customizable forms.

A plant store owner optimizing their site for SEO, social sharing and adding a form.

Search engine optimization

Everything you need to rank on Google: lightning-fast pages, custom URLs, Page Titles, Meta Information, Heading tags, Redirects, and more.

Custom domains

Pagecloud’s domain tools help you easily connect any custom domain to your website. Annual plans come with a free domain for one year.

Pagecloud Forms

Capture leads with Pagecloud’s easy to use Form builder. Dozens of pre-built options can be tailored to fit any need and style.

Analytics integrations

Track your site performance and user behaviour thanks to seamless integrations such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager.


Pagecloud Analytics helps you understand where your site visitors are coming from, and how they behave on your website.

A plant store owner optimizing their site for SEO, social sharing and adding a form.

No cookies

Pagecloud analytics is GDPR compliant, and does not collect any PII on your users.


Get to know your visitors through their location and device type they use to access your website.


Get a better understanding of what your visitors are up to. View the top pages your visitors interact with on your site.


How did you visitors get to your website? View your top channels and campaigns.

Built for teams

Invite your dream team and collaborate for the win. Pagecloud includes the collaborative tools you and your team need to succeed online.

A website owner in the middle surrounded by a  team consisting of a Pagecloud pro, social media professional and a writer.

Team members

Invite people to your website’s team, manage their access and collaborate to create great blog content, website updates and manage your store.

Share draft pages

Get feedback before you post! Share in progress pages and draft sites with team members, customers and anyone else.

Pagecloud Pros

Need professional help to bring your website to the next level? Hire a Pagecloud Pro to help you design, build or add features to your site.  View the Pro directory

Illustration depicting a blog interface with the text, Hello world, lets get to know each other. We like to write about...


Engage your audience with Pagecloud’s multi-user blogging tool which makes it easy to write and share search optimized articles online.

Dedicated writing mode

A streamlined writing experience that lets you focus on your content. Includes word counter and read time estimator.

Blogging essentials

Everything you need to launch your blog: authors, page titles, meta information, categories, tags, scheduling, and more.

Wordpress & Squarespace Importer

Import your WP or Squarespace blog into PageCloud. Our import wizard automatically brings in your posts, tags, images, and videos.  

We've got you covered

Spend your time on the things that matter to you. Pagecloud will provide you with fast and reliable hosting, SSL security, expert support, collaboration tools, and so much more.

An illustration of a woman site owner, her website on the left and the Pagecloud logo

SSL security

All Pagecloud sites are automatically protected with free SSL certificates to improve security.


All Pagecloud subscriptions include hosting. You don’t have to worry about installs or upgrades, it’s all managed by our team.

Expert support team

Our top-rated support team offers you personalized support from within the Pagecloud app, even during your free trial.

Knowledge base

Updated weekly, Pagecloud Answers offers your hundreds of simple step-by-step instructions for everything related to Pagecloud.

Google Workspace

Benefit from one free year of professional branded email, Google Drive, Calendar, and other Google Workspace features with an annual plan.

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