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February Product Update

Robin Gandy, March 9, 2023

Spring is just around the corner! And we've been working hard on some exciting releases coming to the Pagecloud platform in the next couple months. We can't wait to share this with you! 

In the meantime, here's a look at what's been going on this February at Pagecloud. 

Design Sidekick

In case you missed it, we just launched Design Sidekick!  A Chrome extension powered by Pagecloud for designers and marketers. 

Design Sidekick is the perfect companion to your Pagecloud editor. With Design Sidekick, you can find colors, fonts, and styles on any web page. Save those styles, or copy them directly onto objects in your Pagecloud website. 

With Design Sidekick, you can also better manage your page's SEO and Open Graph tags with our SEO checklist, and ensure you have the proper content hierarchy on each page. 

Install Design Sidekick from the Chrome store.

Style library

Alongside the launch of Design Sidekick, we've also launched Pagecloud Libraries! Any style you save (colors, fonts, text styles, button styles, etc.) using Design Sidekick will sync to your library in your Pagecloud editor. 

Access your library in the left toolbar on your screen. Select objects to apply the style. You can also view and edit your style details. 

Auto groups

We've made some major updates to Auto Groups! You can now create an auto group INSIDE an auto group! Giving you more power of your layout. Group objects in auto, and then add another object to a nested group.

You can now also MOVE objects inside an autogroup. Just double click the object and drag. 

OG tags 

You can now add Open Graph tags and Twitter tags through the SEO tab in your left toolbar to make sure your page looks great in social feeds! 

Learn more about Open Graph tags

Bug fixes

Alongside all these new releases, we also squashed some pesky bugs: 

What's coming next? 

We have an exciting new release coming very soon, so be sure to stay tuned! And down the road in the next couple months we are looking to add some powerful features to the Pagecloud platform to give a boost to your online marketing. 

Written by

Robin Gandy

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