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How to create a Linktree: The Pagecloud way!

Robin Gandy, January 13, 2022

You’ve likely seen a link in bio tool in your favourite celebrity or influencers’ TikTok or Instagram bio such as Linktree. Linktree is a great way to easily route your followers to all your other platforms, directly from your social media account.  

But did you know you can create a custom link page for free using Pagecloud? That’s right! You can design your own link page that is both desktop and mobile responsive using Pagecloud Start

Pagecloud’s platform offers much more design flexibility with all the ease of set up of a Link Tree. Keep reading for a full walk through on how to get set up! 

Why should you use a bio link tool? 

Creators today typically have multiple revenue streams and post on several social media channels, which makes it difficult for followers to keep up. Creating a Link Page to use in your social media bios is an easy and convenient way to keep your followers engaged and up to date with all your platforms, businesses, and other ventures. 

How does a link page work? 

Generally, a link page is a mobile responsive landing page with buttons that link out to other websites. When you create the page, a unique URL is created that you can paste into your social media bios. 

Let’s say you own a small business that is launching a new product. You post on instagram announcing the launch, and of course your followers are keen to know where they can purchase it. With a link in bio tool, you can have your followers click your unique link where they will be brought to your custom link page. 

On this page your followers will find buttons labelled Online Shop, Amazon Store, Etsy, and Youtube. Now your followers have quick access to all your sales and media channels. 

Looking to get started with e-commerce? Check out Pagecloud's e-commerce platform and start selling online! 

Building a Link Page using Pagecloud

So, what is Pagecloud and why should you use it to build your link page? If you’re not familiar with the Pagecloud website builder, you can check out our getting started guide for a detailed overview on how to use the editor. 

Essentially, Pagecloud is a website builder that allows you to design custom websites and landing pages. Unlike other link page builders, Pagecloud offers endless design freedom and the ability to drag-and-drop content anywhere on your page. Pagecloud also allows you to easily edit your page for both desktop and mobile use. 

Check out our help article to learn more about editing for mobile.

Using Pagecloud, your link page can stand out from the rest! Read on for a step-by-step guide on getting set up. 

Step 1: Creating your Pagecloud account 

It’s totally free to get set up with a Pagecloud link page. Just sign up for a Pagecloud account with an email and password, and you’re ready to get started on your page. 

Easy enough right? Sign up for your Pagecloud account!

Step 2: Choosing a template

Once you’re logged in to your new Pagecloud account you will be prompted to choose a template. Pagecloud has many templates to choose from, but you can select the link page option to find a template specific to creating your link page: 

Pagecloud offers a range of link page styles including customizable buttons, icons, and even image galleries! 

Once you've found the perfect template for you, click select and watch the magic happen! Name your site and you're ready to start making it your own. 

Want to preview some of our templates? Check out all our available templates for websites, landing pages, and wireframes. 

Step 3: Customizing your link page

Now that you've selected your template, you can begin to customize your link page to best represent your brand. You can do this by changing background colors/images, fonts, button and icon styles, and more within your editor: 

The template you have selected is likely designed using Auto Column editing. Auto Columns ensures that your content will resize and reflow across different screens, and your page design will transition easily into a mobile compatible design. If you would like to edit your page using our drag-and-drop functionality, you can use Manual Columns. 

To learn more about Auto vs. Manual Columns, check out our help article

Let's go through some of the basic editing features you will likely want to use for your link page!

Changing your page background and uploading images

You can change your page background by clicking on the background and using your editing panel to upload image backgrounds or change color, opacity, and gradients. 

You can change your page background by clicking on the background and using your editing panel to upload image backgrounds or change color, opacity, and gradients. 

To upload an image, click on "Image" and you can select an image from your computer. The image will automatically size itself to fit your background, but you can make additional adjustments in your editing panel: 

If you would like to add images to your page, you can either click on the image you wish to replace in your template, or upload additional images using your left tool bar. Once you've swapped out your image, you can position and style it the way you like: 

Check out our help article for more information on working with images.

Editing text, buttons, and icons

Now it's time to add in your text and style your buttons. Text editing in Pagecloud is simple. Just double click the text box you wish to edit to enter your text. Then you can use the "Style" tab in your editing panel to change the text font, size, color, etc. 

Check out our blog post for more on working with text.

The most important part of a link page is, of course, your links! Change your button's label the same way you editing a text box. Next you can style your buttons by playing around with background color, and hover color.  

Once you've styled your button, click the "Link" tab in your editing panel to insert your button link: 

Finally, you can use your left tool bar to choose from a multitude of social media icons in all different styles. Simply drag your icons onto your page, or click and replace existing icons.

Step 4: Create your mobile website

One of the most important aspects of having a link page is ensuring it can be easily viewed on a mobile device. The vast majority of your visitors will be viewing your link page on their mobile screen. Luckily, Pagecloud makes creating your mobile website easier than ever. 

At the top of your screen, click the Mobile button so your editor screen transitions to show what your website will look like on a mobile device. Then you make edits to ensure it looks exactly the way you want. 

Check out our help article to learn more about editing in mobile.

Step 5: Publish your site

Your final step is to publish your link page! You can publish your page in your dashboard and select the free plan. In your site settings you can also choose your domain to use as your unique link for your social media bios. 

Want to learn more about what you can create using a free Pagecloud plan? Check out our blog post on how to build a website for free

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