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Get Your Website Summer Ready: 10 Tips for a Seasonal Website Refresh

Robin Gandy, June 3, 2024

We're entering everyone's favourite season! Summer is just around the corner and a change in season is a good reminder to refresh and revitalize your website. 

Here's a look at some of the ways you can bring new life into your website to keep your visitors engaged and your content ranking highly in search engines. We also have a few fun suggestions for what you can do to your website to freshen up for the summer months! 🌺🌞

Why Refreshing Your Website Matters

Your website should always be evolving. Whether that's to keep your content in line with your current business objectives, stay up to date with the latest trends in web design, or keep your users engaged, it's important to spend some time revitalizing your website every few months. Seasonal changes to your website is a great way to get started! 

Enhancing User Experience  

A website that is regularly updated with fresh content and a modern design creates a better user experience. Visitors are more likely to stay and explore a site that feels current and engaging. Regular updates ensure that your content is relevant, which helps in retaining visitors and converting them into loyal customers. A website that looks outdated or is difficult to navigate can drive potential customers away, affecting your business negatively.

Improve Your Search Rankings

Search engines, like Google, prioritize websites that consistently provide fresh and relevant content. By updating your site regularly, you signal to search engines that your website is active and valuable, which can improve your search rankings. This means more visibility and potentially more traffic to your site. Incorporating new keywords, updating meta descriptions, and adding new blog posts or articles are all effective strategies to boost your SEO.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition!

In a competitive market, staying ahead of your competitors is essential. Regularly updating your website can give you a competitive edge. It shows that your business is active and dedicated to providing the best possible experience for its customers. This can build trust and credibility, setting you apart from businesses that neglect their online presence.

Summer Website Refresh Checklist

Now that you understand why it's important to constantly be updating your website, here are 10 ways you can keep your website fresh and dynamic for summer!

1. Swap out images 

Changing your imagery to reflect the current season, new products, portfolio additions, etc. can help your website seem active to your users. Adding some summer imagery can be a great way to give your website that summer feel. 

Stock images are a cost effective and easy way to find new images for your website. This image is from Unsplash! You can use Unsplash for free inside Pagecloud's website and blog editor (just like we did here!)

2. Update your copy 

Changing your headlines and updating your copy to include new promotions or business offers can ensure your site visitors are being introduced to something new. Make sure your copy compliments your new imagery! 

Using copy that embraces summer vibes can help you connect with your audience. Use an AI tool to help you brainstorm some summer words.

3. Redirect 404s 

Identify any old pages or broken links, and set redirects to live pages so your visitors never hit a 404. This can help your ranking on Google and help your users navigate your website better. You can use an analytics tool, like Pagecloud Analytics, to help you identify any broken links. 

4. Update and schedule some blog posts

Keeping your blog posts up to date is a great way to keep your readers, and Google, happy. Make sure all your information is relevant, accurate, and make sure you add a date for when the post was last updated. 

You can also create some new blog posts related to some summer themes. Plus, if you're going on vacation you can schedule some posts to publish while you're away.

5. Review your CTAs 

Want your users to get in touch? Sign up for an event? Purchase a project? Ensure your CTAs (calls-to-action) are still relevant to the action you want your site visitors to take. 

In Pagecloud, you can easily style and edit buttons and forms to create a clear and concise conversion. Track your conversion events with Pagecloud Analytics!

6. Add new testimonials 

More recent testimonials are more compelling to your users. Add any new testimonials you may have received in the recent months, or reach out to some loyal customers to provide new testimonials. 

You can embed testimonials directly onto your website using a review website or app directly so you can easily keep them updated. You can even embed Google reviews

7. Review or simplify navigation 

It's always important to ensure your website is easy to navigate. Have someone visit your website to test they can find what they are looking for easily. 

If a user can't find what they are looking for on your website in a matter of seconds, they are likely to bounce. A clear navigation can also help your search ranking.

8. Test website performance

There are so many tools available to audit your website and demonstrate what needs improvement. This can include SEO optimizations like missing meta tags or content hierarchy. 

Use a Chrome extension like Design Sidekick to help you identify any errors on your website that might be impacting your search ranking. 

9. Highlight something new! 

Whether it's a new product, service, or piece of content, you should highlight something of value on your homepage to continue to engage your audience. 

A popup or banner is a great way to highlight an offer or promotion you may be running during the summer months. Pagecloud has a popup builder that allows you to easily create popups and banners that look great on your website. 

Start with on of our travel themed popup templates for that summer feeling! 

10. Plan for any upcoming holidays 

A new season means new holidays on the horizon. Make sure you're planning ahead! Holidays can mean: 

Welcome Summer with a Fresh Site! 

By updating your content, revamping your design, and optimizing for seasonal trends, you can continue to create a vibrant and engaging online presence for your visitors.

Remember, a well-maintained website not only enhances user experience but also boosts your search engine rankings and keeps your business ahead of the competition. Embrace the energy of summer to showcase your brand's dynamism and commitment to staying relevant.

So, take this opportunity to review your website, implement the necessary changes, and watch your online engagement soar. Here's to a successful and sunny season for your website and your business!

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Robin Gandy

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