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Product Updates

Product update: Spring round up

Robin Gandy, June 19, 2023

Summer is just around the corner! The team here at Pagecloud have been putting in the work to bring you new and exciting features that improve your website editing capabilities, and help your online growth. Let's take a look at what's new this spring, and what's to come this summer! 

As always, your experience using Pagecloud is our #1 priority! We want to make it easy to succeed online by giving you all the tools you need to build and grow your website

Pagecloud Analytics 

We introduced Pagecloud Analytics! Available in your dashboard, you can get access to your website's metrics include page views, referrals, and acquisition channels. 

Unlike many analytics tools, Pagecloud Analytics are GDPR compliant. We don't track user PII (Personal Identifiable Information), so you can be sure your users' data is safe. 

Learn more about Pagecloud Analytics

This is the first release of Pagecloud Analytics, and we will continue to improve your analytics dashboard to allow you to dive deeper into your website metrics. 

Analytics are an important part of your digital marketing strategy! If you have no gotten started with analytics yet, we recommend taking a look at your dashboard to begin to understand how your audience is finding you, and engaging with your website. 


We are always working to improve your editing experience, and make pagecloud websites and websites editing faster! A few improvements include: 

  • We have sped up the site settings view substantially.
  • We implemented UX improvements to the Gradient controls in the editing palette.
  • We've implemented stability updates to the slider widget.

Pagecloud warnings

We've introduced warnings into the editor to help guide your editing process so you can create the best possible version of your website all on screens. Warnings include: 

Out of bounds: You will be alerted when you've placed an object out of the bounds a screen, preventing your content from being cut off or hidden on smaller screens. 

Recommended for Auto layouts only: Some Pagecloud features work better in Auto columns! We will alert you when you should likely switch to Auto columns to ensure your website layout is not impacted. 

Learn more about Pagecloud warnings

Bug fixes

We squash bugs as much as fast as we can! A few bugs we found and fixed are: 

  • We fixed an issue with FAQ component that caused empty space on item deletion.
  • We fixed a problem with page background styles were not working on mobile consistently.
  • We fixed the unsubscribe url on form submission emails to ensure they don't go to spam! 

Pagecloud AI ✨

Our biggest release this spring is Pagecloud AI! We've just launched Pagecloud AI into beta, and we're so excited for how our AI assistant can help you create your website content! 

It's easy to use! Just highlight the text you want to edit in your blog or website editor like so: 

Or, click the + button on a new paragraph in your blog to start from scratch. 

With Pagecloud AI, you can: 

  • Edit and enhance website copy 
  • Check spelling and grammar 
  • Write headings and content for your blog posts 
  • Make copy longer or shorter 
  • Summarize your copy 
  • Simplify your language

Pagecloud AI can help you create your website content faster. Use it to write blog posts and create web pages. 

Learn more about Pagecloud AI

This is the first release of Pagecloud AI, and we would love to know what you think! We plan on introducing more AI powered features into the platform to help you with your website design and content. 


Components are pre-built complex objects that you can add to your page. They contain varying functionality and maximize usability on your site. 

Some components include FAQ components, images with captions, and numbered lists.

You can add your content to your component and style to match the overall look and feel of your website! 

Learn more about using components

This summer

We will continue to bring you features that can help improve the visibility of your website, track your web performance, and grow your business. 

In the next few months we will release more analytics and AI features to better benefit your content marketing strategies. 

Stay tuned for more releases and updates! 

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Robin Gandy

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