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Insights & Interviews

Spotlight with web designer Markus Daase

Spencer Hewson, April 20 2021

COVID - 19 has cost the global tourism industry $935 billion, according to Forbes. BILLION, with a B. This week's Spotlight features a Pagecloud Pro, who used the collapse of th...

Insights & Interviews

Spotlight with designer Zack Reed

Spencer Hewson, March 16 2021

Odds are you're not a professional multimedia designer, so how do designers see website design differently than you do? We sat down (over Zoom, of course!) with Zack Reed from W...

Digital Marketing

How much should you charge to build websites? [Freelancing Tips]

Philip Westfall, January 28 2020

What’s the best way to charge customers when building websites? Should you use an hourly rate or charge by project? When should you use a retainer model? In this article, we dis...

Digital Marketing

How much do websites cost? [Explained with 11 website examples]

Philip Westfall, March 20 2019

Can you guess how much this website costs? Not easy, right? To make an accurate guess, you’d need to know: Because of these variables (and many more), websites can cost anywhere...

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