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Minimum Browser Requirements

The quality of your experience with PageCloud is important to us. We work hard to make the product support as many browsers as possible, with pixel perfect precision.

When it comes to visitors viewing your pages, you can be assured that PageCloud produces extremely backwards compatible pages, so that your visitors with older computers see what you see.

While using the PageCloud website editor to create and modify your pages, we limit access to only those browsers we explicitly test with, and those with the modern capabilities to bring you the professional editing experience we expect ourselves.

Version listed below are fully supported in edit mode. For pages you create, much older browsers are supported, so all your visitors can see your pages.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer no longer works with the newest technologies used on the web today. You will still be able to browse PageCloud sites while on Internet Explorer, however editing will require another web browser.





Do you still have questions about minimum browser requirements or any other browser related questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us at:

Looking for more?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge browser is behind on its support for dragging and dropping files, as well as common clipboard operations.  We cannot offer you a quality editing experience on this browser until it catches up with the others.



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