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New Feature Alert! Add your blog list to any page

Robin Gandy, September 7, 2022

Our latest Pagecloud feature is one you won’t want to miss! You can now add a list of blog posts to any of your website pages using our new Blog Widget.

With the blog widget, you can display, filter, and style your list of blog posts on any page of your website. The best part? Your blog roll will update automatically as you continue to publish new posts!

Pagecloud Blog 

Blog posts are a great way to improve your site’s authority, generate traffic, and engage your users. Publishing relevant and helpful content can keep users coming back for more, and increase your website traffic through organic search.

Maintaining a blog is an easy way to build your brand credibility, which will earn trust from your target audience.

Learn more about content creation and improving your SEO.

Getting started with a blog

It's free to set up a Pagecloud account and publish a one page website with a blog, so you can start posting today

Once you've signed up for an account, you can choose a template, and publish your one page website on a free plan. Check out our blog post on how to create a landing page for free for a guide on getting started with a free one page website. 

Now that you've published your website, you can start publishing blog posts! Head over to your dashboard and click the blog tab. You can start writing and publishing unlimited posts. Once you've published your first post, Pagecloud automatically creates a /blog page to display all your posts. 

Check out our help article for more on creating and publishing posts.

Note: For best results when using your blog widget, make sure to add blog categories, feature image, author, and tags in your post settings. 

Blog widget

Now that you've published a few blog posts, you can add a blog widget to your page! The blog widget displays your posts and updates as you continue to write and publish. 

You can style your blog widget to match your website's look and feel. Your posts display in a "card" format that displays your blog title, author, date, etc. You can toggle on and off the information you wish to display. 

How to add a blog widget to your page 

Adding a blog widget to your page is simple. Open the page where you want to add your blog roll. At the bottom of your left toolbar, click the Blog button, choose your layout, and drag and drop your blog widget onto your page. 

You can choose from 4 different layouts: 

1. Single post: Displays 1 blog card

2. Post grid: Displays your blog cards in a grid 

3. Post list: Displays blog cards in a horizontal list 

4. Post gallery: Overlays text over feature image 

Now you can use your Editing Menu to style and filter your widget.

Data-driven widget

Your blog widget is what we call a “data-driven” widget. This means that your blog roll updates as you continue to publish posts. The widget grabs the data from your blog and displays the post so you do not need to update your blog list manually after each new post.

We intend to use this technology for other types of embeds to make it easier to manage your website content. 

Filter and sort your blog posts

You can filter your posts by date, author, category, and tags. By filtering, you can display only the blog posts that are relevant to your website page. 

For effective filtering, make sure your blog posts are categorized and tagged in your blog editor. You can choose between Match all and Match any filtering. 

Learn more about filtering  and sorting

To sort and filter your posts, click on your blog widget and head to the Settings tab in your Editing Menu

Under Settings, you can also turn on pagination controls, and set the number of results you wish to display per page. 

Styling your blog widget and cards

Like most elements on your Pagecloud page, Your blog widget has endless styling options. Once you've chose your layout, you can adjust the card padding, the space between each card, the background, font, etc. 

To start styling, you can click on the widget as a whole, or click on individual elements within the widget. Here are a few ways you can style your blog roll! 

1. Horizontal layout. For this example we've rounded the corners of the card and the feature image. 

2. Gallery layout. This example shows only the feature image and title on each blog card, with enlarged text, and an image tint. 

3. Grid layout: We've added 15px space between cards and 15px padding and rounded corners.

Your blog widget will also automatically reflow into a mobile so your users can easily access each post from their phone. 

Ready to get started?

There are so many ways you can style your blog widgets so you can get creative! 

Click here to sign up and get started with your blog! You can publish unlimited blog posts and add a blog roll to your homepage for free. 

Written by

Robin Gandy

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