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Spotlight with web designer Markus Daase

Spencer Hewson, April 20 2021


Spotlight with musician and concert series director Carson Becke

Spencer Hewson, April 1 2021

Do you miss going to concerts? Immersing yourself in the musical experience? Well, you’ll love this week’s Spotlight feature. Carson Becke is a classically trained musician grow...


Spotlight with branding strategist Jay Kingman

Spencer Hewson, March 24 2021

Ok, close your eyes and think of your favourite brand. Do you have it? That brand was created to excite you, to connect with you. How are you going to build up your brand and yo...


Spotlight with designer Zack Reed

Spencer Hewson, March 16 2021

Odds are you're not a professional multimedia designer, so how do designers see website design differently than you do? We sat down (over Zoom, of course!) with Zack Reed from W...