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Written Content or Design, Which Comes First?

Philip Westfall, May 22 2018

"Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s just decoration"- A List Apart founder Jeffrey Zeldman You’re building a website to communicate with visitors, and words ar...

web design

16 Super Clever 404 Pages that are Totally On-Brand

Philip Westfall, November 13 2017

Creative 404 pages are all rave these days. Seems like web designers are constantly trying to one-up each other by making better and better versions of what used to be a generic...

web design

Composite Images: What Are They, and How Can You Make Your Own?

Lauren Olson, September 25 2017

You’re flipping through your Instagram feed, killing time in line at the grocery store, and suddenly you’re doing double takes. Your attention is snagged by a series of incredib...

web design

How to Integrate Motion Into Your Website Design

Henry Brown, September 8 2017

Ever since Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse famous decades ago, animations have captured the hearts and minds of billions. There’s something inherently curious about a graphic that...

web design

Why Graphics, Not Just Photos, Matter For Your Website

Henry Brown, July 6 2017

You scroll down your feed, bored. Your thumb has a mind of its own. It skips the stock photos you’ve seen more than you care to count, and the text-only statuses. And then you s...

web design

Choosing a Color Scheme for your Website that doesn't suck

Lauren Olson, February 2 2017

Even though it's all around us, most of us simply don't spend a lot of time thinking about color, do we? Sure, you knew you wanted the flirty blue car, not the puke brown one, w...

web design

Facing a Blank Canvas: Through the Eyes of an Artist

Michaela Schreiter, April 14 2016

A blank canvas can scare any person, creative or non-creative. But to me, a blank canvas symbolizes a new start, new opportunities and (most importantly) a way to show the world...