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Exit Intent Popups: Guide to Creating an Effective Exit Popup that Converts

Robin Gandy, June 10, 2024

So you've heard you should implement a popup strategy on your website, but you're not sure where to get started. Exit intent popups are one of the most effective tools to capture the attention of users about to leave your site. When done correctly, these popups can significantly lower bounce rates and increase conversions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to creating an effective exit intent popup that converts users and benefits your business.

What is an Exit Intent?

An exit intent popup is a type of popup that appears when a user's cursor moves toward the top of the browser, indicating their intent to leave the site. This popup aims to capture the visitor’s attention just before they exit, providing one last chance to engage them with your content or offers.

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How can Exit Intents Boost Your Website and Business?

Here are a few ways exit intents can help you increase your website engagement and ultimately bring you more business:

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Ways to use Exit Intents

Here are a few ways you can use exit-intents on your website: 

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Where Should You Add an Exit Intent?

Selecting the appropriate pages to implement exit intent popups is crucial for maximizing their effectiveness. Start by analyzing your website's analytics to identify high-exit and high-bounce rate pages. These are prime candidates for exit intent popups as they are where visitors frequently leave. Common pages to consider include product pages, where you can remind users of the benefits of the product or offer discounts to encourage purchases, and blog posts, where you can promote related content or lead magnets to keep users engaged. 

Additionally, consider including exit intent popups on your checkout page to reduce cart abandonment by offering last-minute incentives or addressing potential concerns. By strategically placing exit intent popups on pages with high exit intent, you can better capture user attention and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Best Practices for Designing Effective Exit Intent Popups

In order to create an exit intent doesn't detract from your users' experience, it's important to follow these best practices: 

Check out this article for a more detailed overview of creating effective popups.

Making Your Exit Intent More Effective

The copy used in exit intent popups plays a critical role in capturing user interest and encouraging action. Here are a few types of copy that can be particularly effective:

Urgency and Scarcity:

Value Proposition:

Personalized Approach:

Exit Survey:

Social Proof and Testimonials:

What's Next?

Exit intent popups, when used effectively, can be a powerful tool to engage users, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions. By understanding the value they bring and implementing best practices in design and copy, you can create exit intent popups that not only retain visitors but also turn them into loyal customers. Remember, the key to success lies in testing, analyzing, and continuously optimizing your popups to meet the evolving needs of your audience.

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Robin Gandy

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