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Introducing Pagecloud Popups: A Better Way to Increase Engagement and Conversions

Robin Gandy, May 22, 2024

Engaging your audience effectively is the key to success for your online presence. A website that is dynamic and delivers value without overwhelming users can mean the difference between someone who is just browsing and someone who is likely to become your customer. 

Pagecloud Popups are more than just lead capture tools; they improve interaction with your visitors. Whether you’re looking to capture more leads, announce a special offer, or increase user engagement, Pagecloud Popups are designed to deliver noticeable results. With easy integration across multiple platforms, Pagecloud Popups ensures that no matter where your website calls home, you can still enjoy the full benefits of what Pagecloud has to offer.

Check out more on Pagecloud Popups below! 

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What are Popups and Banners? 

In the web design world, popups and banners are lead capture tools used to deliver value and engage users on your site. Popups and banners typically aim to capture user attention and prompt an action like clicking a button, filling out a form, visiting a certain page, etc. While both service similar functions, they differ slightly in format and usage: 

Popups: Popups are windows or boxes that appear over your website page’s content, attracting your visitors attention. Popups are designed to appear based on certain triggers like time on page or scroll position. Generally popups pause visitors’ interactions with your page to draw their attention. This makes them incredibly effective for capturing leads, promoting offers, or delivering important information. 

Banners: Generally more static and less intrusive than popups, banners are placed at strategic locations on a webpage, such as the top or bottom. They can be used to announce new features, promotions, or provide alerts. Banners often stay in view as the user navigates the site or can be dismissed with a click.

Types of Popups

Understanding the various forms of popups and banners will help you choose the right type for your specific needs. Here are a few common types:

Popup Layouts

We have several available popup layouts you can choose from! And of course you can always customize your popup layout by adjusting the size and inset. 

Using Popups and Banners Strategically 

When used strategically, popups and banners can dramatically enhance your website’s performance. They can be tailored to match the look and feel of your site, ensuring a seamless user experience while also serving as powerful tools for increasing conversion rates, promoting engagement, and providing valuable information at just the right time.

Popups and banners are an important piece of your marketing campaigns and function of your website! Have a new product launching? Set a banner with to remind visitors of the time of launch. Just wrote a new blog post? Use a popup to display your new content. Have a promotion running? Display a discount code! Popups and banners should always be designed with the user in mind. 

Why we Made Pagecloud Popups

With almost a decade of experience in the web building world, here at Pagecloud we understand how important it is to use your website effectively. We want our user to create a websites that not only looks good, but works overtime to continue to bring you business. Your website should be more than just a static design. That’s why we created Pagecloud Popups! 

Inspired by our Dedicated Users!

Feedback plays a crucial role in our development process. When we noticed a recurring request for better engagement tools, we took action. Our users expressed a need for a solution that could help them capture more leads, promote their offerings more assertively, and ultimately convert more visitors into loyal customers. The introduction of Pagecloud Popups s a direct response to this feedback, designed to empower business owners and marketers.

Bridging the Gap between Flexibility and Ease of Use 

One of the primary challenges with existing popup builders is their rigidity. Many available tools restrict creative freedom which can mean designing popups that don't feel like a part of your website, and can deter users. Pagecloud Popups is the MOST flexible popup builder on the market and comes jam packed with design features in an easy-to-use editor shown below!

Our tool is simple and flexible, ensuring that anyone can design and deploy effective popups and banners without any coding knowledge. Whether you're looking to implement a simple email sign-up form or a complex promotional campaign, our popup builder provides you with the tools you need to customize your approach. This level of customization ensures that every popup or banner feels like a natural part of your site, enhancing user experience rather than disrupting it.

Expanding our Reach

Pagecloud Popups can be not only used on websites built with Pagecloud, but also on other platforms. This enhancement is aimed at helping our users maximize their reach and impact, regardless of the website host, thereby supporting their business growth across the digital landscape.

Why use Pagecloud Popups on your Website? 

Incorporating Pagecloud Popups and Banners into your website design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also significantly boosts your site's functionality and user engagement. These tools are designed to provide tangible benefits that can transform the way you interact with visitors and convert them into customers.

Popup Use Cases

There are so many ways you can utilize popups and banners on your website to inform, engage, and get your users excited! Here are just a few ways you can use popups on your site:

Popup Best Practices for Success

Here are some easy tips to remember on how you can best use popups to maximize conversions on your website! 

More to come...

This is just the first iteration of Pagecloud Popups, and we have more features in the works to continue to improve your experience and ensure you're getting the most of your popups. 

How to Get Started with Pagecloud Popups

Getting started with Pagecloud Popups is easy and totally free! You can design and publish popups and banners on your website and get 500 impressions/month. 

Get started in 3 easy steps! 

1. Sign up for an account and choose a template

2. Customize your popup by editing text, adding your logo, and swapping your images. 

3. Set your triggers and publish! 

You can visit our support centre for more on getting started with Pagecloud Popups.

Let's go!

Ready to take your website to the next level? Explore the full potential of Pagecloud Popups and Banners today and start creating more impactful, user-friendly interactions. 

Visit our features page to learn more about how our tools can enhance your digital presence, or start your free trial and experience the benefits firsthand. Don’t forget, our support team is here to help guide you every step of the way!

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Robin Gandy

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