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October Product Update

Robin Gandy, October 26, 2022

We're almost at the end of the month! Here's a look at everything we've done through the end of September until now. 

The Pagecloud team is always working to improve your website building experience including adding new features, feature enhancements, and fixing bugs that pop up along the way. 

Semrush Integration 

We’ve teamed up with Semrush to give our users the opportunity to increase their websites traffic through keyword research. Your website is your greatest marketing asset, and both organic and paid keywords are great ways to get more site visits and new customers.  

Learn more about keyword research 

Designing a website and optimizing your website for search engines go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’ve integrated Semrush’s powerful SEM tools into your Pagecloud website builder, so you can optimize your website as you continue to expand. Get started in the SEO tab in your editor. 

Search and favorite keywords to include on your website! You can sort your keywords in a few ways which include: 

Check out our partnership on Product Hunt! 

Blog Improvements 

We have a growing user base that are using their Pagecloud blog to drive traffic to their website. Some blog improvements from this month include: 

Live websites improvements


UI/UX Improvements

Pasting a link updates: 

Try this out by copying a link to your clipboard and the selecting an object in your Pagecloud editor and Pasting using the keyboard hotkeys (ctrl+v on Windows, or cmd+v on macOS)

Other improvements 

Forms: Added the ability to disable Google Recaptcha on Pagecloud Forms to block Google Fonts. 

Teams: We have added a team member to the Dropdown on the Site card in the Dashboard.

Previews: Publish Page and Publish Post buttons work more reliably in previews

Images: Fixed a bug where replacing an image with an image of the same filename would never show the new image. 

Google Workspace: Fixed a bug where annual users redeeming their Google Workspace voucher sometimes got an error screen on successful redemption.

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Robin Gandy

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