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Top Ten Must-Have Website Integrations

Jules Ribi, May 2, 2017

Maybe you’re finally taking the leap and setting up your very own website, and you’ve decided that Pagecloud is for you. Congrats! I mean, what’s better than a website builder that lets you drag and drop all of your text, pictures, videos (and more) right into your browser?

Whether you’re selling a product, offering a service, or creating an experience, there are some key tools you need to create a highly customizable, beautiful website.  

# 10. Google Fonts

If you think font is an afterthought in the web design process, you need to think again. Typography helps communicate tone, voice, age, gender, emotion, just to name a few. If your content and font are out of whack, the message you’re communicating will be too. 

One of the most popular web font catalogues available, Google Fonts offers over 800 open source designer web fonts. That’s right, beautiful FREE typography is at your fingertips in more than 135 languages! All Google Fonts can be easily integrated into your site to ensure your personality really shines through.

# 9. Facebook Video Player

Did you know that before reading any website text, 60 per cent of your site visitors will watch a video if it’s available? That’s huge! If you have the means of adding relevant video to your web design, then you should.

As one of the largest social networks in the world, Facebook has begun taking video very seriously in an attempt to overtake YouTube’s position as top video dog.

Most recently, Facebook introduced changes to allow embedding of Facebook videos on other platforms. Facebook’s Video Player app integration makes it easy to add Facebook videos anywhere on your site for ultimate visitor engagement.

# 8. SnapWidget

You put a lot of work into creating that beautiful, perfectly laid out Instagram feed. So why not incorporate it into your web design? SnapWidget lets you showcase Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook content directly on your site, automatically updating it every 30 minutes.

With several different display styles, from grids to slideshows, there’s a reason this is a popular integration. Learn how to embed your social galleries into your new site with this dynamic widget.

# 7. Hover.css

User experience (more commonly referred to as UX) is a vital part of your webs design. If users don’t think your website is pleasant or easy to navigate they will quickly drop off. A key feature of UX is the intuitiveness of your website—for example, how does a user know where to click to get where they want to go? While simple buttons are great, animated effects are another way of ensuring clickable objects stand out.

Hover.css is a collection of CSS3-powered hover effects that you can apply to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images, and more. With effects that range from wobbles and bounces, to rotations, icon drops, and fades (to name but a few), Hover.css is an easy way to incorporate good UX practices into your new site.

# 6. AddThis

Have you ever been reading a really great blog post and wanted to share it, but haven’t been able to find share buttons anywhere? AddThis is the perfect widget to ensure your content’s “sharability” is maximized. And it comes with sweet analytics so you can stay on top of site visitor behavior.

Connecting you directly with 200+ social media networks (including the big names like Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the familiar stacked row of social network icons are incredibly easy to add to your site. Never leave your readers hanging again!

# 5. Eventbrite

You’re throwing a killer bash and need to sell tickets! So, of course, you turn to the world’s largest event technology platform: Eventbrite. Giving you the ability to create events, manage guests, and even collect ticket payments from within the platform, Eventbrite is a must-have integration for your new website. 

Whether you’re planning a conference, fundraiser, festival, or anything other type of event, it will keep you organized and ensure word spreads.

# 4. Shopify

Your awesome new product is ready to hit the market, and all you’re missing is an online store. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Shopfiy is the current ecommerce darling, and for good reason. An end-to-end e-commerce platform, Shopify gives users the ability to build a storefront, accept payments, track stock, and manage sales, all in a streamlined, user-friendly environment.

If selling products is your jam, then you need the Shopify app. Learn how to easily integrate your Shopify store, or individual store items, right into your new website.

# 3. Google Tracking Tag

Website analytics are one of the most important measures of your website’s success. From determining visitor demographics, to bounce rate, and time spent on pages, you can gather key insights into the successful (and not so successful) aspects of your SEO, website, marketing, and audience targeting.

Google Analytics is, of course, the mother of all analytics platforms. The easily integratable Google Tracking Tag will help you gather huge amounts of information from your site, and adding the tracking code has never been easier.

# 2. Mailchimp

Email is still king when it comes to online marketing. Driving larger reach, higher click-through rates, and more conversions that any other platform, you don’t want to ignore its marketing potential.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing softwares around. Lucky for you, PageCloud happens to offer Mailchimp integration for you new site. Set up specific email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp, and then embed their sign up forms directly in your new site.

# 1. Pure Chat

Looking to converse directly with your website visitors? Pure Chat is one of the more popular live chat servers available, allowing you to track, capture, and engage with your customers as they browse your site. Customize your chat box design, collect transcripts of conversations with your clients, convert your chat box into an email form if your team is offline—there is so much you can do with this software.

Integration of Pure Chat on your new site can be done in a few simple steps, and will ensure you always have an open line of communication with your customers.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to available apps! Check out the full list of PageCloud compatible integrations. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re adding new apps regularly and are happy to take your request.

Written by

Jules Ribi

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