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Pagecloud Fall 2021 update

Mark Stephenson, December 9, 2021

Catch up on the latest Pagecloud product updates. It's been a busy fall at Pagecloud with lots of updates focused on improving your website building experience and adding in some highly requested features. Here are a few of the highlights from the fall of 2021.

New templates

We just rolled out some new 1 page templates. These templates are intended to be simple starter sites, but can turn into so much more with your creativity.  Create a new site or add the Sections anywhere on your existing site!

Link pages
We’re sure you’ve seen your favorite influencers’ Link Tree in their Instagram or TikTok bio. A Link Tree is essentially a mobile friendly, one page website that allows you to display your list of links such as your social media platforms, websites, Amazon stores, e-commerce sites, etc. Now you can build your link page with more flexibility and customization using Pagecloud! Browse link page templates 

Landing pages
Landing pages are great for collecting leads, growing your audience, and displaying important information. Browse landing page templates 

Portfolio pages
Are you an artist? Designer? Photographer? Pagecloud Start is a great place to get your portfolio online. Use image galleries to perfectly display your images and give your visitors a sense of who you are as a creator. Browse portfolio templates 

Personal bio pages
Business cards are a thing of the past. Create an online business card that shows off your personal brand! Our contact card pages allow you to create an online bio. Browse personal templates

Pagecloud Start

You can now launch a free 1 page website with Pagecloud Start. This gives you the opportunity to design and publish a 1 page website at no cost. Pagecloud Start is a great way to begin your next project or help get a friend online quickly. Get that first page up for free while you work on the rest of the site. We’ve ditched the trial period so you can fully experience our editor without the time crunch. 

Note: Some features are restricted on a free plan, and Pagecloud Start pages include a Made in Pagecloud button. 

Learn more about Pagecloud Start

Eyedropper color picker

If you use Google Chrome, a Pagecloud favorite, there is now a handy eyedropper color picker in the custom color mixer. Simply click the icon and sample a color from an image or anything else. So convenient! We hope you enjoy it.

Collapse column height

Columns can now collapse to fit the height of their contents within full and fixed height Sections (full height sections dynamically stretch to fill the browser height). This can allow you to create some pretty nifty designs where the column(s) are anchored at the top, middle or bottom of the section.

 Learn more about how you can enable this feature 

Replace icon

It’s now much easier to swap out your icons for new ones. Icons now have a control strip that includes a 'Replace icon' button. You can click this button to select a new icon that will be the same size and style (color, shadow, etc.) as the one you’re replacing. 

More social icons

We added a lot more social media icons to the elements panel, so get your TikTok, Medium, Patreon, Twitch, Discord, Goodreads, Strava and more connected to your site! Find these in the elements panel in the Button category.

Buy button and product widgets

If you have an e-commerce plan you can now add Buy buttons and Product widgets to your pages. Use these to;

Learn more about Buy buttons and Product widgets 

Lazy loading

Pagecloud now applies Lazy loading to images, and video in iframes so these objects only load when they are needed allowing your pages to display even faster. Great for SEO and your visitors.

In addition to these updates we have addressed numerous bugs, refinements, and continued to invest in improvements to our infrastructure to provide you with fast and reliable websites.

We're so excited to see what you create with these new updates! As always, check out our blog for more on designing with Pagecloud. 

Want to design and publish your one page website for free? Get started today! Click here to sign up. 

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Mark Stephenson

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