PageCloud Releases New Website Editor!

Dec 5, 2017 // Lauren Olson

So, you might have guessed, the new PageCloud editor is out in the wild... And the positive feedback so far has been overwhelming, to say the least.

"New UI is the sh*t"


"#$&%*! - I love it, I really do. You guys deserve a great big hug… Followed with a big high five."

One thing we know for certain - user experience comes down to the little things. There’s no detail too small to take the time to do right. We knew that any tool you use to build your website should be powerful, work smoothly, and look gorgeous.

“We're focused on making the act of creating something and putting it on the web just absolutely pleasurable.” 

- Craig Fitzpatrick, Founder & CEO of PageCloud

Enter the new PageCloud editor! Designed closely with in-depth feedback from our longtime and most loyal customers, this truly is a website builder crafted with user experience in mind. 


Design Changes

One of the first things you’ll notice are the aesthetic design changes that have been put in place. These are meant to not only enhance your experience by being more visually appealing, but also add concrete functionality, and are directly designed to ease the process of building a site.

New Editing Menu: The new Editing Menu options are based on the specific content you’ve selected. Images, videos, text, and more will only show up as options when they are selected, like the color picker, which now displays common colors found on your pages.

editing menu.png

Side Bar: The Side Bar is where you’ll find pre-built content (images, text, videos, buttons, forms, icons, and more) to add to your pages. These elements help you build your site faster than ever before. Page Settings, including SEO, Mobile Settings, and Advanced Settings are now located under this toolbar, too.


Mode Switcher: Watch your content flow elegantly from desktop to mobile with the Mode Switcher.


The new animation simplifies the process of optimizing websites for smaller devices. Visualize how your content is arranged, and customize it for a unique mobile experience.

Page Browser: Add, copy, edit, or delete pages without ever leaving the editor using the redesigned Page Browser. No more interrupting your workflow to add to or view your entire roster of pages.


Performance Improvements

The entire in-editor experience has been rebuilt from the ground up to give a significant performance boost for speed and reliability. These drastic refinements have resulted in more than a 2x faster experience to create and edit your sites.

The Future

PageCloud’s new interface was built with upcoming product features in mind, so that new innovations can be seamlessly added over the next year.

The next round of developments and modifications planned for 2018 are centered around tools that will help revolutionize the way you make a website:

  • Site-wide elements to make cross-page changes as quick as a few clicks.
  • A custom built PageCloud blogging platform, unlike anything currently available.
  • New curated content added regularly, so you always have an expanding library of pre-built elements to add to your website.
  • Other top secret tools and features… Can’t tell you everything!

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PUBLISHED:Dec 5, 2017

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