PageCloud Themes vs. Templates: What's the Difference?

Aug 17, 2016 // Michaela Schreiter

Design inspiration can come from anywhere. But when designing the perfect layout for your website, it can take a little more than a bright idea to get started. That's why PageCloud recently introduced a number of new themes for you to choose from. These pre-existing website designs serve as the perfect starting point, allowing you to make any theme suit your specific needs.

You might be wondering what the difference is between themes and templates. In general, templates give you a website layout, and let you add your content into pre-determined spaces. But your ability to edit the template further ends there. You are stuck in this design, with limited customization options for your own site.


The fact of the matter is, templates will only ever give you about 60% of what you actually want. In what other area of your life is 60% acceptable? Why accept it for your website? Unlike templates, our themes are starting points, rather than the final product. You can edit any theme as much as you want; move images, add/remove text, bring in videos, etc.

There are no limits to the changes you can make to PageCloud's themes. Choose a theme you like, and make it your own. You are in control of where your website goes from there.


Let's say you find a template that you like, but there are certain elements you want to change. Maybe it's an image you want to move, or a block of text you wish was in a certain spot. In most rigid template-driven solutions, this would typically require writing multiple lines of code, if it were possible at all. Or you may be able to move the image, but only within a certain area.

PageCloud's themes, on the other hand, give you control over all of the content in that website. You can move anything you want to anywhere on the page. Change colours, photos, text, layout and much more. Themes are meant to serve as starting points, not restrictions.

A single layout is not going to work for everyone, and being forced to choose one can be a very limiting experience. The ability to customize a layout to make it your own gives you more control over the content and design of your website.

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PageCloud's themes not only give you inspiration for your website layout, but also for the content. While most templates will give you Lorem Ipsum (filler text that serves as a placeholder) where your text should go, our themes go a little further with content that you would actually find in a website like this.

You can then replace that text with your own, which is a little easier with context for what might actually go there. Where does your tagline go? What about your story? Menu? Team information? There is so much information to share on your website, and having an idea of where it might go makes it much easier to build your site. Of course, you can put your text anywhere you would like in each theme. Our text is meant to serve as inspiration for sharing your own story online. You take it from there.

The idea behind our themes is to give you a starting point for your own site. Visit our website to see more themes and find the one you want to work with. Customize it, change things up and make it your own. There are no restrictions, no rules and no limitations. You are in complete control of your website. Isn't that the way it should be?

PUBLISHED:Aug 17, 2016

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