Tracking Your Website's Performance with new Sales and Analytics Apps

It's important to make your website look beautiful, but equally important to make sure it's actually achieving its goals. Your website is just one part of your overall business strategy (albeit, a very significant part), and you need to know it's contributing to the success of your business. With PageCloud, you can integrate your website with sales and analytics apps that will ensure your website is accomplishing whatever you set out to accomplish with it.


While PageCloud is not a native eCommerce platform, it integrates seamlessly with many eCommerce services. You can make it easy for visitors to purchase your products or services right within your website by adding apps such as Shopify and PayPal. With Shopify, for example, it's as easy as copying and pasting the iFrame embed code onto your web page. A buy button will appear on the page, which will be directly connected to your Shopify account. Purchases still run through Shopify, but will be accessible through your PageCloud website.


Want to make sure your website efforts are performing well? You can easily integrate analytics apps to your website in order to track this. You can incorporate Google Analytics, for example, into your website by copying and pasting your Google Analytics ID onto each page of your website.

Just like that, you have a wealth of data in front of you. Monitor how your website is performing in terms of conversions, page views and time spent on each page. This will allow you to optimize your site, and adjust certain elements to ensure you're reaching your goals.

If you're running ads on a platform like Facebook, you can track what visitors are doing once they land on your site from that location. Adding a Facebook pixel to your site will allow you to access this information, and monitor the performance of your ads. Learn more about the eCommerce and analytics apps that work with PageCloud.

Your website is a part of your overall business goals, so making sure it's contributing to them is crucial. Websites should not only look beautiful, but also perform well.

That's why PageCloud works with apps that help you track how your website is performing against your key metrics. You can ensure that your website efforts are helping to reach your goals.