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Design kits

Our design kits offer a collection of templates, graphics, and elements tailored to specific industries or styles. Crafted to enhance user engagement and ensure aesthetic consistency, each kit has everything you need to get started with popups and banners on your site including welcome popups, lead generation, exit intents, and more.

FTNS design kit

Boost your fitness site with the FTNS Design Kit's vibrant colors and dynamic imagery, perfect for gym, trainers and exercise blogs.

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DSCOVR design kit

Capture the spirit of adventure with the DSCOVR Design Kit, featuring natural colors and scenic travel images.

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FASHONE design kit

Chic and elegant, the FASHONE Design Kit enhances fashion websites and clothing stores with large beautiful images and neutral tones.

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SPA design kit

Promote relaxation with the SPA Design Kit's serene colors and calming imagery, ideal for wellness, spa  or yoga websites.

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Wireframe design kit

Flexible and adaptable, the Wireframe Design Kit offers a customizable foundation for any business ready to build its online presence.

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NVST design kit

Target financial enthusiasts with the NVST Design Kit's dark, bold colors and diverse imagery for investment sites.

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What are Design Kits?

Our popup design kits are a collection of popup and banner templates that include various use cases and elements including forms, buttons, images, and text. Each kit is tailored to a specific industry, however you can easily customize your kit to fit your brand and business.

Create your Popup Strategy

We created our design kits to be the perfect starting point for your website's popup strategy. Get inspired and easily implement popups and banners on your website that attract, engage, and convert your website visitors.

Popups and banners are an important part of your online growth strategies and marketing campaigns. Beautifully crafted popups that offer value can increase your websites conversions and bring you more business. Our design kits give you the ability to create popups and banners that are optimized to convert.

Work Better with Design Kits

Every design kit has been thoughtfully crafted with your design needs and business use-cases in mind.

  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly: Created to look great and function flawlessly on any device, enhancing the user experience everywhere.
  • Aesthetic consistency: Ensure your popup and banner designs stay consistent across your website.
  • Easy Implementation: Our popups can be integrated into your website with just one line of code. Your embed code works for all popups in your project.
  • Built-in Analytics: Track your performance on your analytics dashboard.
  • Customizable designs: Your popup design kit can be quickly customized to fit your brand identity.
  • Get inspired: Each design kit has a range of use-cases that can inspire your popup strategy.

Created for Every Business

Our design kits are designed for specific businesses, but each kit can be easily adapted to any vertical. The templates feature customizable elements that allow you to align the design with your brand identity, ensuring that the message not only captures attention but also feels like a natural extension of your online presence.

Elements of Each Design Kit

  • Layout options: Each design kit comes equipped with multiple layout options including horizontal and vertical modals, slide-ins, and banners.
  • Welcome popups: Give new users a warm welcome with a welcome popup!
  • Forms: Forms are a crucial part of your lead generation! Easily design and customize forms on your popups.
  • Promotional popups: Find tons of popup templates that are set up for promotional offers and discounts
  • Exit intents: Catch your users right before they leave!

Get Started with a Wireframe Kit

Our Wireframe design kit makes it easy to get started with designing. Customize your wireframe kit to embody your brand while remaining optimized for maximum user experience and conversions.

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Design kits provide many popup and banner variations based on the same design system.

It’s easy to get started

No code required, easy to setup and we’re here to help you along the way.


Choose a template 🙌

Save time by choosing a popup template that fits your needs. All templates are easy to customize.


Make it yours 🎉

Setup how, when and where you want your popup to display then customize the design to fit your brand.


Publish 🚀

Publish your popup onto your Pagecloud or other website then watch your analytics (and conversions!) roll in.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get started with Pagecloud Popups?

    Currently Pagecloud Popups are in Beta and are available for all Pagecloud website users who opt-in to our beta program. Sign up to be notified when we officially launch!

  • How to build a Pagecloud Popup?

    Building a popup in Pagecloud is simple! You can drag and drop content, click to edit, and publish without code.

  • How to publish a Pagecloud Popup?

    You can choose where your popup should display on your website. This includes which page(s) and how the popup triggers.

  • Can I use Pagecloud Popups on an external website?

    Pagecloud Popups can be used on any website! With just one line of code you can easily embed a Pagecloud Popup on your site.

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