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Supercharge your Webflow Website with Engaging Popups

Updated May 8th, 2024

In the fast-paced digital world, capturing your audience's attention is essential for success. One proven method to enhance visitor interaction and drive conversions is by adding popups to your Webflow website. Popups and banners can effectively showcase special offers, highlight important content, and prompt visitors to take action, ultimately boosting your website's performance.

Why Implement a Popup Strategy?

There are so many ways popups and banners can benefit your website and boost your business. Here are a few reasons popups can benefit your website:

Enhance User Engagement: Popups can draw attention to key messages, offers, or content, encouraging visitors to engage more deeply with your site.

Increase Conversions: Well-timed and well-designed popups can persuade visitors to take desired actions, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter.

Collect Valuable Leads: Popups are an excellent way to gather email addresses and other contact information, helping you build a strong customer base for future marketing efforts.

Improve User Experience: When executed properly, popups provide timely and relevant information to visitors, enhancing their overall experience on your site.

Getting Started with Your Popup Strategy

To effectively implement a popup strategy on your Webflow website, follow these key steps:

Set Clear Objectives: Identify the specific goals you want to achieve with your popups, whether it's boosting sales, growing your email list, or promoting new products. Clear objectives will guide your popup design and placement.

Know Your Audience: Understand the needs and preferences of your visitors. Offer them valuable incentives, such as discounts, exclusive content, or helpful tips, to encourage interaction.

Design with Care: Create visually appealing and easy-to-read popups with a clear call-to-action. Ensure that your popups complement your website's design and do not disrupt the user experience.

Test and Refine: Use analytics to track performance and make data-driven improvements.

By thoughtfully planning and executing your popup strategy, you can elevate your Webflow website's effectiveness, turning more visitors into engaged and loyal customers.

Add your Popup to Webflow

Step 1

Configure Pagecloud

When adding a Pagecloud popup or banner to your third-party hosted website there are a few steps that need to be completed. In this section we'll configure a Pagecloud banner and get it ready to be displayed on your Framer site.

  • Configure your domain name
  • Define the pages we want the banner to display on
  • Copy the embed code to use on your site

Adding your Domain Name

1. Navigate to your Pagecloud dashboard

2. Select your project and click Banners and Popups in your left menu

3. Click Settings on your banner or popup

4. In Setup, make sure you've connected your domain name in the Where to display section

Selecting Pages

Once a domain name has been configured, you can specify the pages where the popup or embed will be displayed. You can choose to display on every page, or only a subset of pages.

It's recommended to use 'Include pages' which allows you to specify individual pages to show the popup without making additional updates to your website.


1. Select 'Include pages'

2. Click the '+ Add pages button'

3. Add the name of your page.

Note: You may also use wildcards in the form '/mypage*' which would match '/mypage' '/mypage2', etc.

Copy Embed Code

Find your embed code in your Pagecloud dashboard. This code is available in Setup at the bottom, or in your left toolbar.

Step 2

Configure Webflow

You can easily add a Pagecloud banner or popup to every page in your Webflow site via your site settings. Adding the script to your site settings allows you to manage the appearance and location of your banner or popup on specific pages using your Pagecloud dashboard. This approach requires no future changes to your Webflow settings.

In the Webflow dashboard:

1. Visit Site settings -> Custom code

2. Add your Pagecloud embed code in the Head code section

3. Click Save changes

Integrating popups into your Webflow website can significantly boost user engagement, increase conversions, and enhance the overall user experience. By carefully planning your popup strategy, understanding your audience, and designing thoughtful, non-intrusive popups, you can effectively capture the attention of your visitors and guide them towards desired actions.

Remember to continuously test and optimize your popups to ensure they are performing at their best. With the right approach, popups can become a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal, helping you achieve your business goals and build lasting relationships with your customers. Start implementing popups on your Webflow site today and watch your engagement and conversion rates soar!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get started with Pagecloud Popups?

    Currently Pagecloud Popups are in Beta and are available for all Pagecloud website users who opt-in to our beta program. Sign up to be notified when we officially launch!

  • How to build a Pagecloud Popup?

    Building a popup in Pagecloud is simple! You can drag and drop content, click to edit, and publish without code.

  • How to publish a Pagecloud Popup?

    You can choose where your popup should display on your website. This includes which page(s) and how the popup triggers.

  • Can I use Pagecloud Popups on an external website?

    Pagecloud Popups can be used on any website! With just one line of code you can easily embed a Pagecloud Popup on your site.

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