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The Best Free Link in Bio Tools [2023]

Robin Gandy, March 9, 2023

So, you’re looking for an easy way to link all your platforms so your followers can find all your social media, websites, storefronts, etc. It’s time to set up a link in bio tool! 

In this article we will compare some of the most popular free tools to create a link in bio page. We will compare ease of set up, customization, features, and more! 

Keep reading to find out which of these link in bio tools will work best for your brand or business! 

What is a link in bio tool? 

You’ve probably seen your favourite influencer post about their new merch or brand collaboration. In their caption, they usually direct their followers to their link in bio to start shopping or learn more. 

Instagram only allows its users to add one custom URL in their bio. But when you have so many links to share, you need a page that can host all your links so your followers can find what they need! 

A link in bio page is a great way to turn your followers into customers! Link your website, online store, Amazon store front, social media platforms, and much more! A link in bio is must have for affiliate marketers, content creators, and small businesses. 

How to choose a link in bio tool

Now that we understand why you need a link bio tool, let’s talk about how to choose a tool that will best represent your business or personal brand. All the below tools are free to use, and provide premium package subscriptions as well for things like ecommerce, advanced themes, and analytics.

Link in bio tools are becoming increasingly powerful, and with so many options, you can find a tool that best suits your needs. There are many tools currently on the market, but today we will focus on these popular tools that are free to set up and publish.


The most popular link in bio tool is Linktree. Linktree’s free plan allows you unlimited links on your page, and you can choose from several free themes.

The interface is really easy to use, and you can quickly add your links and external apps.

Linktree also allows you to see the number of times each of links has been clicked, which is a helpful feature for tracking performance. Other free Linktree features include: 

Overall, Linktree is easy tool for those who want to create a simple link page in just a few minutes. The UI is quick to navigate, and allows you to update and change your links on the fly. However, Linktree does not offer much design flexibility, and free users can't stray very far from the current themes.  

Linkpop by Shopify

Linkpop is a new link in bio tool powered by Shopify. Launching earlier this year, Linkpop claims to be the best link in bio tool for ecommerce. It's UI is similar to Linktree, and it's fast and easy to set up your page and links. 

If you have a Shopify store, it's very easy to add "shoppable" links directly to your page to fuel your sales channels, although this requires having a paid Shopify store. 

Linkpop, however, does not offer many styling features. At the moment, you can only change your background color, font, and font color: 

So, even though Linkpop makes it easy to shop on your link page and track and analyze your visitors, there is limited customization available for your page that makes it difficult to showcase your brand. 

Pagecloud Start

Pagecloud recently launched a free one page website plan that allows users to create landing pages, contact pages, and, you guessed it, link pages! 

With Pagecloud's link in bio tool, you can create a custom page that reflects your brand. Unlike other link in bio tools, you have endless design freedom powered by Pagecloud's drag and drop editor. 

What's more, you can add more than just links to your page including image galleries, and custom forms with unlimited submissions... for free! 

Other free features included in Pagecloud Start: 

You can also create shoppable links with a Pagecloud Ecommerce subscription, or embed your Shopify store. For a step-by-step on how to get set up with your custom link page, check out this article offers a unique approach to creating a link page. It's easy to get started by creating an account and setting up your profile and unique link.

You can then either add a single call to action, linked buttons, or select a different card that links to your socials, email, etc. However, on a free plan you can only select one card in a addition to your profile card. 

The UI is relatively easy to navigate, however, does not offer much customization other than the ability to upload a background image or change the color. If you're looking for a unique way to display your platforms, can be a great solution!

Unfold Bio Sites by Squarespace

Unfold, by Squarespace, is an app that allows you to create engaging social media posts. They recently introduced bio sites that you can set up for free! To get started, you can choose from 4 themes.

You can then upload your profile and cover photos, add your links, and social icons. The UI is easy to use, and you can even add more content like text boxes and embed apps. Other features include: 

Overall, Unfold bio sites are easy to use and set up, and offer more tools than some competitors, but are still limited in customizable features. 

Lnk.Bio's free plan allows users to set up unlimited links and embed music and videos. It's easy to set up an account and start adding your socials and links. 

You can also choose the layout in which you want your links to display. 

As you add your links, you can also upload a photo icon to go with each button. There are a selection of free themes available and limited styling and layout options. However, we did find the UI slightly difficult to navigate, and it was hard to see exactly what your page will look like once live. 


Shorby allows you to create a link in bio page that consolidates all you social media profiles and websites in one place, making it easier for your followers to access all their online presence. It's easy to get set up, as you just need to click the buttons and add your links. 

Shorby integrates with popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, making it easy to update profiles and share content across all platforms.

There isn't a ton of flexibility when it comes to design, you can add background colors, button colors, or image backgrounds. 

Shorby does not offer a free plan, and subscription costs start at 12$/month. 

Which link in bio tool should you choose?

To sum up our findings , it's clear that Pagecloud Start link in bio page offers more customization and free features than any other tool. So if you're looking for a link in bio tool that really showcases your brand and does your website justice, Pagecloud is the way to go. 

On the flip side, if you're looking for speedy set up and easy to use templates, Linktree or Unfold are also great options. 

Want to get started with Pagecloud? Sign up and publish your link page for free today!

Written by

Robin Gandy

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