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10 Types of Websites You Can Build in 2019 [How To, Costs, and More]

Philip Westfall, March 12 2019

Did you know that there are close to 2 billion websites online today? Although that number might seem overwhelming, if you categorize websites by their core functionality, you q...

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How to 10x Organic Growth with 1 Person SEO Team & No Budget

Philip Westfall, February 7 2019

To help highlight the importance of what I’m about to share, let’s start with a few statistics. Back in May 2017, the PageCloud Blog was very similar to most blogs on the Web: i...

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How To Start A Photography Business [7 Simple Steps to Success]

Ana Tavares, January 7 2019

Today I’m going to walk you through the step-by-step process I used to grow my photography business from a part-time hobby into the successful business it is today! Actually, co...

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How to Spot Fake Influencer Accounts in 2018 [Expert Tips]

Lauren Olson, February 1 2018

An influencer can be powerful for your brand - but only if you choose wisely. Consumers expect and demand authentic experiences from brands - ones they support, and ones they mi...

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Start Your Freelance Photography Career With An Online Portfolio

Lauren Olson, December 14 2017

You've got the camera. You took the classes. You’ve shot a few portraits. You’re getting amazing feedback from your first clients, and now you’re ready to start moving into a fr...

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The easy way to make a custom 404 page

Philip Westfall, November 13 2017

Once upon a time, in the early days of websites, the majority of 404 pages were not very attractive. Some people even called them ugly. The 404 page had one job: inform visitors...

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How to Edit Your Website in a Browser ...And then save it!

Philip Westfall, November 3 2017

We’ve all been there: Staring at your website and just obsessing over a few little things that just don’t seem "right". Maybe it’s the text, the font, the spacing, the colors, o...

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How to Choose Fonts for Your Websites

Lauren Olson, October 10 2017

Will they match? Or should you stick with a trend? If not, is the font unique enough? Will they take too much attention away from the content? Is it even legible? ...And that’s ...

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Mobile Restaurant Website: Why You Need One And How To Build It.

Henry Brown, August 30 2017

Why Does Your Mobile Restaurant Website Matter? Mobile website traffic is skyrocketing across the world. In 2017, odds are that more than half of your restaurant’s website visit...

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