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Wix Alternatives - Top 5 Site Builders To Use Instead of Wix [Infographic]

Salina Mendoza, October 24 2017

While Wix has dominated the web design space for many years, by no means is it the be-all end-all of website creation. There is no shortage of alternatives when it comes to webs...

product reviews

9 Free Typography Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Henry Brown, October 6 2017

As I write this, there are just over 26,000 webfonts on New ones are cropping up every day. That’s quite a leap from the early days of HTML, when browsers could onl...

product reviews

Online Ordering and Delivery Apps: Which One is Best for your Restaurant?

Lauren Olson, August 31 2017

Online ordering is a game changer for restaurants that offer delivery. Whether you have your own employees to deliver orders, or need a service that includes it’s own fleet of m...

product reviews

Best Stock Images? Shutterstock vs iStock by Getty Images

Jules Ribi, May 29 2017

Yes, it's time for an Image Sourcing Showdown. Picture it. You’re building the perfect website. You’ve picked an impeccable color scheme, finessed your SEO, and refined your but...

product reviews

Top Ten Must-Have Website Integrations

Jules Ribi, May 2 2017

Maybe you’re finally taking the leap and setting up your very own website, and you’ve decided that Pagecloud is for you. Congrats! I mean, what’s better than a website builder t...

product reviews

Choosing the Best Online Reservation or Booking System for your Restaurant

Lauren Olson, August 25 2016

Whether you’re a brand new restaurant owner, or are in charge of an existing establishment, you’ve figured out that new technology (and apps) have changed the food game forever ...

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