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Robin Gandy, November 28 2020

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What happened to the Grid? Does the AI site builder still exist?

Philip Westfall, August 13 2019

It was October 8th, 2014. The Grid had just launched a crowdfunding campaign for their highly anticipated website builder, claiming to use artificial intelligence to design and ...

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9 Simple Alternatives to WordPress [For Blogs and Websites]

Tanya Cull, February 15 2019

WordPress (WP) is by far the most popular Content Management System on the planet. However, despite its widespread use, there are many cases where WordPress is not the best opti...

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Simplest alternative to Adobe Muse? PageCloud vs Webflow

Philip Westfall, May 11 2018

March 26th, 2018 - the day Adobe decided to end new feature development for Adobe Muse CC. Despite the fact that Adobe will continue to offer tech support to their Creative Clou...

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Top 6 Squarespace Alternatives [For Beginners, Designers, Developers]

Tanya Cull, May 10 2018

For over a decade, Squarespace has been considered the gold standard for anyone looking to quickly get a good-looking website online. The concept is simple: select one of their ...

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Top 15 Tech Blogs and Sites - How New Tech Will Grow Your Business

Philip Westfall, January 5 2018

Do you love new technology? We do! As a tech startup, we’re always talking about the latest and greatest apps, gadgets, and companies. Whether you're in a tech career or not, yo...

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YouTube vs Dailymotion vs Vimeo - How should you video?

Jules Ribi, December 8 2017

Here's what you need to know about three most popular video hosting platforms so you can easily decide for yourself! Note: Earlier in 2017, Dailymotion announced a complete rede...

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11 Free Tools To Help Choose Colors For Your Website

Lauren Olson, November 17 2017

Claude Monet famously said “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” If you’ve ever felt this way trying to pick the right hue for your new toolbar or call-to-action bu...

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Video Editing Software: Top 4 Free Tools Without Watermarks for Mac, PC, & Linux

Lauren Olson, November 9 2017

By now, it’s obvious to most businesses that video is crucial if you want to make waves in 2018. Influencers, restaurants, startups, artists, contractors... Heck, even ACCOUNTAN...

product reviews

Wix Alternatives - Top 5 Site Builders To Use Instead of Wix [Infographic]

Salina Mendoza, October 24 2017

While Wix has dominated the web design space for many years, by no means is it the be-all end-all of website creation. There is no shortage of alternatives when it comes to webs...