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The Pagecloud Partner Program

Spencer Hewson, May 10, 2021

Do you like helping others? Yes. Do you like making money? Of course. Do you like free lifetime subscriptions? Yes! Of course! Then you need to check out our new Pagecloud Partner Program

The Pagecloud Partner Program is our brand new way of sharing Pagecloud’s success with you. Once you are part of the Partner Program you’ll have your own unique affiliate link to share with your audience. With this link you get to help others by offering them 20% off their Pagecloud subscription. You’ll also make money because when people purchase a Pagecloud subscription, after signing up with your link, you'll earn a 20% lifetime revenue share for that subscription! Finally, once you’ve brought ten subscribers to Pagecloud through your link - you’ll get a free lifetime subscription to Pagecloud! 

If helping others, making money and getting some free stuff interests you, just keep reading to learn more about who the program is for, how to join the program and what to expect! 

Who is this Pagecloud Partner Program for

Anyone who is as passionate about websites as we are! Pagecloud is great for everyone and we encourage you to get creative and be wildly successful. Whether you have a large audience to share your affiliate link with or you are designing websites for others and want to add an extra revenue stream the Partner Program is for you.

We created this program with all our users in mind. We want to support you and share our success with you! 

How to join the Pagecloud Partner Program

To join the program you’ll need to fill out this application. Your application will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified as soon as  you are accepted into the program! Once you are accepted, you will get an email notifying you that your application was approved and you will be prompted to login to your PartnerStack dashboard.

PartnerStack is the partnership platform that we use to manage the new Partner Program. Through your free PartnerStack account you will be able to track your referrals, customize your link, and get paid! 

How to setup your PartnerStack account

After accepting the Terms and conditions of the Pagecloud Partner Program you will be able to set up your PartnerStack dashboard. PartnerStack has this how-to article to help you get started and these videos to show you the way. The main parts of your account you will need to set up are your referral link and your payout provider.

Referral Link

Your success in this program is centred around getting your referral link into the hands of as many people who will use it to subscribe to Pagecloud as possible. While you will start with a default referral link (for example: you have the ability to customize your link! Use the Links tab on the left of your dashboard to see your default link or create your own.

You can track how many people have used your link to start a trial or a subscription through the Performance tab. The more subscriptions you bring, the more money you earn! 

Payout Provider

We want to make sure you get rewarded for sharing Pagecloud! You will just need to set up the Payout Provider in your PartnerStack dashboard.

For more details on how to set up your Payout Provider check out this how-to article.

Use Resources and Start Sharing

With your account setup you are ready to start sharing! We encourage you to get creative with how you drive traffic to your link but here are some ideas to get you started:

As a Partner you have exclusive access to Pagecloud resources like banner graphics and logos. You can access all these great resources in the Resources tab in your dashboard.

Armed with your affiliate referral link and resources you have everything you need to share Pagecloud and make some money! 

If you are looking for inspiration you can join the Pagecloud User Group in Slack and add the #partner-program channel. If you have any questions about the program please contact

Written by

Spencer Hewson

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