Gorgeous Websites Built with PageCloud [updated 2018]

Philip Westfall, August 10, 2017

Businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives from all walks of life have been finding their bliss and building their online presence by creating websites with PageCloud. Here are some amazing sites that are not only stunning to look at, but showcase the amazing people and businesses behind them.

Have questions about food or photography? Meet Ana Tavares. On top of being a successful photographer and author, she teaches workshops on just about about everything food - from the most recent trends to how to snap the perfect picture with your iPhone. Ana moved her site over to PageCloud to accommodate her busy schedule (did we mention she’s also a mom?). With simple drag and drop functionality, Ana built her custom website to showcase her stunning portfolio, and to help book her various events. With great use of white space and soft colors, her website is a delight to look at.

Looking for a stunning example of a single page website? Look no further, Mesensei has you covered. This Finland-based startup did a great job at showcasing the creative freedom you get when building with PageCloud. The floating images that hang over each section help attract your attention, while subtlety enticing you to scroll and continue reading. We also love the use of custom fonts, colors, and white space which make this page a delight to look at. Oh, and did we mention how great it looks on mobile?

The EPIC Fitness website is the perfect example of what a business can accomplish with PageCloud. Ecommerce enabled for ordering custom meal delivery, EPIC swag, protein powder, events and classes. EPIC's website acts as an online extension of this brick and mortar holistic/wellness lifestyle gym. Steph worked with a developer to add custom elements, thanks to PageCloud giving full access to source code.

Aurizn is the publishing company behind one of the most popular automobile emagazines: EVO Malaysia. Yes, that’s right, an emagazine! Leveraging PageCloud’s unrestricted editor, Aurizn has been able to create stunning magazine layouts on the web. Their four magazines: EVO Malaysia, Carat Malaysia, Estate Malaysia, and ID Malaysia cover the lifestyle of car enthusiasts who are interested in real estate, cars, watches, and more.

Iversoft is an app development company that has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, like Audi and Adobe. Their motto? It’s all about the “best development, design and user experience (ux)”. This is one of the reasons they immediately fell in love with PageCloud. Their design team can quickly iterate on the website to ensure they’re always offering the best experience possible. Bonus? They no longer have to rely on their dev team to edit the website, so they can focus their energy on building some amazing apps!

Stephen Dorsey, a graphic design professional based in Fargo, North Dakota, brings a creative edge and attention to detail on his website. With over fifteen years of print design experience, he was looking for a website design platform that mirrored page layout, without restrictive templates. He now designs all his websites on PageCloud for clients, with incredible results.

Self-identified "lover of nettle tea", Kat Walters is a London, England based designer who has worked with massive brands, from Nescafe to Nike, Coca-Cola and more. Now she focuses her expertise on helping others grow their brands, giving advice to‍‍‍ "the entrepreneurs who are here to change the world.” Her 'Before' and 'After' Instagram makeovers are as stunning as her website!

Jessica and Josh from Pixel Pop Photo are two amazing photographers located in Ohio that specialize in weddings, engagements, dogs and more! For their site, they decided to build custom galleries so that their portfolios are displayed exactly how they want. If their stunning images aren’t enough to convince you of the quality of their services, they added some great YouTube videos to help tell their story.

North of 7 Distillery is Ottawa's first micro distillery, producing handcrafted gin, rum, vodka and four-grain whiskey. In true artisan spirit, they handle every level of production in-house. That includes mashing and fermentation, distilling, barrel aging, bottling, packaging - and making and managing their website and online presence with PageCloud!

Located in Lisbon, Portugal, Maxima Bridal has been providing custom wedding dresses for over 15 years. Their simple yet elegant website makes a great use of white space to ensure the dresses are always front and center. Leveraging PageCloud’s automatic image optimization and pre-built image gallery options, Maxima Bridal created a fast-loading site that allows you to view your dream dress from every angle.

Surf Pool, created by UNIT Parktech, is the biggest and most powerful artificial stationary surf wave in the world. As one of the coolest products you’ll ever see, Surf-Pool didn’t want to settle for an average-looking website template. They decided to create something unique with PageCloud. Their one-page site integrates everything from high intensity videos, to custom fonts and animations. Very cool! Did we mention Surf Pool is ECO-Friendly and uses less power than a Tesla?

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Philip Westfall

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