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September Product Update

Robin Gandy, September 15, 2022

Here’s an update on what’s been going on at Pagecloud over the last several months! We’re always working to improve the Pagecloud platform through enhancements and new features. We’re also dedicated to improving your site’s security and performance.

Blog Improvements 


We’ve recently launched Pagecloud Blog Widgets! You can now add a list of blog posts to any of your site pages. Simply drag and drop the widget onto your page, filter and sort your posts, and style the widget to match your page aesthetic! 

Your blog widget will update automatically as you continue to publish posts. The blog widget grabs the data from your blog so you don’t have to manually update the widget. This type of “data-driven widget” is something we want to implement for future features. 

Learn more about using the Blog widget!


You can now preview your blog posts in the same UI as your page previews for a more cohesive experience. Navigate through your entire website in preview so you don't miss a thing! 

Pagecloud Start: Free plan expansion 

A Pagecloud free plan now includes a blog! You can publish unlimited blog posts, and add a blog widget to your one page website absolutely free. Just sign up for an account with an email and password and you can publish your site’s homepage. 

Learn more about Pagecloud Start


Pagecloud now has native animations that you can easily add to objects, columns, and sections on your page. Our animations included entrance animations that trigger as the user scrolls them into view, and attention seeking animations that trigger when the user interacts with the object (hover, click, etc.) 

Animations are available in your Editing Menu! Just click on an object and navigate to the Animations tab to get started. 

Learn more about using animations!

Quick launcher! 

Faster navigation and instant access to help and shorts with our new quick launcher! Just hit Command+k (Mac) or Cntrl+k (PC) while in your editor and your quick launcher will appear. 

Navigation: Quickly navigate to your dashboard 

Shortcuts: View a list of all available Pagecloud shortcuts 

Help: Search our help docs 

Usability Improvements 

We are constantly thinking about how to improve your experience using Pagecloud including working on speed and overall consistency through your editor. Here are some usability improvements we’ve implemented for the past several months: 

Speed improvements

We know how important it is to be able to work efficiently and have a fast loading website! That’s why we’re always working to improve speed across our app and for all Pagecloud websites. 


Pro accounts can now add up to 10 team members for broader collaboration! We’ve also enabled ecommerce access for Site Admins in order to allow your team members to manage orders, and track inventory and sales. 

Other additions

Social media icons: We’ve added additional social media icons that you can drag and drop onto your page, style, and link to your platforms 

30+ new templates: More templates for more occasions! Get set up with a link-in-bio page, an RSVP page, a personal bio page, etc. Use our new templates to expand your current website. 

Webp images: You can now upload your own Webp images

What's next? 

These are just some of the highlights from the last while, and we're constantly working toward developing new features and improving your experience using Pagecloud. In the next few months expect some app and blog improvements, some new features, and a very exciting surprise! 

Written by

Robin Gandy

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