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How to build a website without code

Pagecloud's drag and drop editor makes it easy to create the custom website you've always wanted.


Step 1

Choose a website template

Unlike most website builders, Pagecloud templates are fully customizable without code or technical experience. We'd recommend choosing a template based on your design preferences as the content can easily be changed.

Note: You can add a different template at any time.


Yes, it's easy to build something completely unique. You can start from a template or a blank canvas to build out the custom website you've always wanted. Beginners and creative professionals love the freedom offered by the PageCloud Editor.

Can I create a custom website design?

What type of website can I build with Pagecloud?

Thousands of customers in 100+ countries have built their websites using PageCloud. Small business owners, photographers, restaurants, artists, agencies, bloggers, non-profits, and online stores are just few examples of the type of sites you can build.

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Step 2

Customize your design

Every template comes with matching sections to help you quickly create new pages. You can edit everything on your site including: text, fonts, images, galleries, layout, and so much more.

With Pagecloud, advanced users even have the ability to customize the website's source code!


Frequently asked questions

Yes! Pagecloud's technology makes it easy for you to customize your desktop and mobile layouts however you want. PageCloud sites are also extremely fast, which makes them great on mobile devices.

Are PageCloud websites mobile friendly?

Do I need design experience to use PageCloud?

Not at all. Pagecloud offers an extensive library of pre-designed content to help you build your site. The intuitive editor comes with several tools, such as Smart guides, that help you design your pages.

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Add functionality to your website

Step 3.

PageCloud comes out of the box with powerful features such as galleries and forms to help you showcase your work and drive leads from your site. PageCloud also integrates with hundreds of apps to help expand the functionality of your site.

Whether you're looking to sell online, manage bookings, track your performance, or simply chat with your site visitors, PageCloud's simple integrations help you get the job done.


PageCloud integrates with over 100 different web apps. Additionally, apps that use an embed code work great with PageCloud. This means that there are thousands of undocumented integrations that can be added to your website. Our support team can help answer any question that comes up.

What apps integrate with Pagecloud?

PageCloud seamlessly integrates with some of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, including Shopify and Ecwid. Drag in product or catalog embeds to e-commerce enable your website. With Ecwid, you can sell up to 10 products for free!

How do I sell online using Pagecloud?

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the look of embeds, like forms?

Most third-party apps, like form builders, have a native editor that gives you the ability to customize the design. If that's not enough, you can edit the source code to further customize the design. For example, a custom CSS style sheet can be added on pages where external embeds are present.

Can I start a blog with Pagecloud?

Absolutely. Pagecloud’s responsive blogging tool makes it easy to write and share search optimized articles online. It even comes with an import tool to help you start from an existing blog hosted on WordPress or Squarespace.

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PageCloud is a fully managed service that comes with everything you need to make a successful website, including best-in-class hosting, security, and support. To publish your site, you can choose an annual or monthly subscription. Once your site is published, you can connect a custom domain using our custom domain wizard.

Step 4.

Publish your website online


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Pagecloud gives you everything you need to outrank the competition, including: lightning fast page loads, custom URLs, Page Titles, Meta Information, Heading tags, Redirects, and more.

Are Pagecloud sites optimized for search (SEO)?

What domains can I use with Pagecloud?

You can connect your website to any custom domain from any domain provider. If you don't already have a custom domain, you can purchase one via our partnership with Hover.

*Annual subscriptions include a free domain as well as a Google G-Suite license for 1 year.

How much are Pagecloud websites?

All inclusive websites are $24/month or $240/ year. Every site comes with hosting, security, collaboration tools, app integrations, SEO, and expert support.

Can I hire someone to build my website for me?

Yes, you can hire a Pagecloud Pro to help you with your website. For more information, start a trial and reach out to our support team in the Pagecloud app.

Whether you're new to building websites, or you're a seasoned pro, Pagecloud makes it easy to build a unique website without code!

Create a custom website today!


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