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Pagecloud e-commerce is live 🎉  To celebrate, take 15% off your first subscription payment using the code SELLMORE15 when you purchase an e-commerce plan.

Introducing Pagecloud's site-wide colors

Spencer Hewson, June 21 2021


The Pagecloud Partner Program

Spencer Hewson, May 10 2021

Do you like helping others? Yes. Do you like making money? Of course. Do you like free lifetime subscriptions? Yes! Of course! Then you need to check out our new Pagecloud Partn...


Spotlight with web designer Markus Daase

Spencer Hewson, April 20 2021

COVID - 19 has cost the global tourism industry $935 billion, according to Forbes. BILLION, with a B. This week's Spotlight features a Pagecloud Pro, who used the collapse of th...


Spotlight with musician and concert series director Carson Becke

Spencer Hewson, April 1 2021

Do you miss going to concerts? Immersing yourself in the musical experience? Well, you’ll love this week’s Spotlight feature. Carson Becke is a classically trained musician grow...


Spotlight with branding strategist Jay Kingman

Spencer Hewson, March 24 2021

Ok, close your eyes and think of your favourite brand. Do you have it? That brand was created to excite you, to connect with you. How are you going to build up your brand and yo...


Spotlight with designer Zack Reed

Spencer Hewson, March 16 2021

Odds are you're not a professional multimedia designer, so how do designers see website design differently than you do? We sat down (over Zoom, of course!) with Zack Reed from W...

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Pagecloud got a lot more powerful in 2020

Mark Stephenson, March 2 2021

Despite COVID-19, we’ve kept busy at Pagecloud and thought we might brighten up your day with a roll-up of Pagecloud updates that have come your way over the last year. Some of ...

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How to build your online portfolio and land more clients [7 simple tips]

Robin Gandy, January 13 2021

Building a strong portfolio is crucial to landing new clients and growing your business. Your portfolio is a reflection of who you are, your experience, and what you can do for ...

web design

How to build a professional website using Pagecloud

Robin Gandy, December 4 2020

Today, building a website is easier than ever. On most website building platforms, you can launch a passable website by choosing a template, adding your content, and connecting ...

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Get to know Pagecloud's Columns

Robin Gandy, November 28 2020

Finding a website builder that fits all your web design needs can be tricky. You will come across platforms that offer different freedoms and limitations in design flexibility, ...