4 Rules for a Killer 'Contact Us' Page

Aug 17, 2017 // Niraj Ranjan Rout

We are pleased to introduce our guest blogger, the founder of Hiver, Niraj Ranjan Rout!

Have you ever wondered why people have the tendency to feel irritated while reading ‘Terms and Conditions’, or why complicated graphs and charts amount to a similarly unnerving experience?

The answer is Gestalt Law of Prägnanz, also known as the Law of Clarity. It highlights our inherent need to experience things in an organized and simple manner. And that, my friends, is the reason why your overcomplicated ‘Contact Us’ page does not resonate well with the audience visiting your website.

Imagine the horror visitors have to go through when landing on an ugly contact page that looks like a complex puzzle they have to decipher. To them, it feels like it's run by robots, maybe aliens, and there’s no sign of human life. Beam me up, Scotty.

How do you expect to understand your audience's problems if you are not even ready to open up the right lines of communication with them? It’s no surprise customers believe that ‘Better human service’ is the area that most businesses need to work on.

If you want to build a stronger rapport with first-time visitors and regular customers, you have to create a contact page that actually works. It needs to have a combination of smart design, and a powerful human touch at its core.

To serve your customers better, here are four ways to come up with a killer ‘Contact Us’ page:

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1. Make it human-centric

People who visit your contact page are either anxious to know more about your product, or frustrated due to your inability to deliver. In both cases, the page design needs to show there are actual human beings to assist them with all their support needs.

To provide an exceptional customer experience, talk about people. Discard those shiny skylines and office building stock photos, and show pictures of your team. It’s a nice touch to provide short bios of each rep, ensuring that information will guide users to the right person when they reach out. 

You are able to prevent frustration your customers might face when explaining the reason why they called, because they’re already going through the correct channel. Simultaneously, your reps will already have a better idea of the nature of the problem, providing more effective solutions.

Part of being human-centric also relies on how efficiently you respond to customer queries. To increase the response time of your customer support, consider using a shared inbox. It helps reps easily assign tasks to team members, making the communication more fluid.

When a high performing customer support is backed with a people-centric design, a ‘Humanized contact us page’ is born.

Zapier has done a great job coming up with a design that projects a humanized contact us page.

 Zapier contact page-1.png

2. Give a roadmap to helpful links

Is it fair for customers to wait for hours to solve trivial issues, like resetting the password, or how to register an account?

A staggering 90% of customers expect brands to provide more self-help options. Using FAQs and white paper documents can help both customers and support reps save time - and focus their attention - on more important areas of the support experience.

If you want to bring the horse to the well, just provide a map. Create a navigation UI that guides customers to useful resources. A clear roadmap will make your contact page self-sufficient.

When it comes to empowering customers to solve issues on their own, no one does it better than Facebook. With almost 2 billion active users, providing customer support to each individual can be taxing. Keeping this in mind, the helpdesk provides links to different resources in a clear fashion.

Facebook help desk-1.png

3. Keep your branding consistent

Your contact page needs have the same brand elements that appear on every other page on your site. There needs to be brand consistency! Uninterrupted branding provides a dependable familiarity to your contact page.

For example, when trying to understand another fellow human being, you start to develop opinions and assumptions about them. If one day they behave like an introvert, on the other like an extrovert and next day act eccentrically, it becomes hard to nail down exactly who they are.

Similarly, when a customer sees a contrast in brand on your contact page, there is a lack of understanding. This makes your page untrustworthy, and it discourages users to move ahead.

Consistency is the name of the game, so while designing your contact page, make sure your brand theme is clearly visible.

For a consistent brand theme, pay attention to these elements:

  • Color - Use the same brand color palettes that you have used on other pages on your site.

  • Images - Images are a strong tool to increase brand recognition. Use images which help users connect with your brand.

  • Core value - The purpose of your contact page might be exclusive, but always remember to remind users of your core value offer.

PageCloud has given special focus on keeping an overall consistency, and the contact page is no exception - using the same hue of black and purple along with appropriate white space to provide uniformity. Further, the core value offer (Start your Free Trial) has been clearly mentioned.

 PageCloud contact page-1.png

4. Consolidate your contact information in one place

Coming back to the Law of Clarity, make it easy for users to get the best out of your support page. Keep all contact information and support-related solutions on one page. It makes for a better navigation experience.

Customers may want self-help tools, and at times an active support, so make sure you’re able to cross link all your options. When you’re able to provide all the information in one place in a clear and concise manner, it helps people easily find their way to a solution.

Freshbooks, a cloud-based business accounting software is a great example of concentrating all your contact information in one spot. Whether users need active support, self-help resource, or press contact information, it's all there on one page.

 Freshbooks contact page.png

Winding up

A hybrid mix of smart design and human appeal will make your contact page serve users in the best possible way.

According to Byron Reeves and Clifford Nash, Authors of The Media Equation, people tend to treat smart designs as intelligent and intentional. Thus, a well-designed contact page can establishes high expectations.

With that said, make sure the visual aesthetics complement the capability of your customer support reps. The inability to scale the high expectations will lead to bad customer service.

Put some extra hours into brainstorming your visual appeal. Once you have taken in and considered all factors, go ahead and execute in style.

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PUBLISHED:Aug 17, 2017

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