Series A funding excitement at PageCloud!

Nov 16, 2016 // Lauren Olson

Here’s a massive understatement: 
There’s a definite buzz at the PageCloud office today. 

We’ve all been anxiously waiting for the chance to blow the horn on our Series A funding announcement, and now we’re just getting giddy with all the love pouring in. If you subscribe to TechCrunch or CMS Critic, you already saw the big news. PageCloud just closed out a Series-A round of funding worth about $5.4 million CDN, bringing us to about $11.5 million CDN in our first year since the launch. This feels so huge, because it means we can hire more talent for the team, and bring new features to the platform. 


TechCrunch said PageCloud has “some of the slickest UX we’ve seen” - and we’re ready to build on that.

Obviously, the funding is massively encouraging, but this app was made for the community. We do it because we believe in giving people a true opportunity for creative expression online. Remember when web developers spoke HTML and you could only speak English? We want anyone with a computer to be able to make their own one of a kind website, whether that means starting with a theme, or from scratch. To us, the internet is not the home of simply filling out blanks. 

Our CEO and PageCloud Founder Craig Fitzpatrick has kept his eyes on the greater goal - nay, the dream - of democratizing the web. “It's time that web publishing evolved,” he said. “Using the internet should be an act of creating. That means enabling everyone with the tools to build something incredible, with ease, speed, and most importantly confidence."

In that spirit, we can say for sure that the love we’re getting online is the biggest motivator to keep pushing for the stuff we have coming in 2017. 

Great news team @PageCloud - #proudinvestors

— MaRS IAF (@MaRSIAF) November 16, 2016

All of our thanks,
-PageCloud Team

PUBLISHED:Nov 16, 2016

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